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deer hunt action alert

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    ... From: Placer Deer Hunt Committee To: placerdeerhunt@yahoo.com Sent: Mon, Nov 2, 2009 5:40 pm Subject: deer hunt action alert
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      From: Placer Deer Hunt Committee <placerdeerhunt@...>
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      Sent: Mon, Nov 2, 2009 5:40 pm
      Subject: deer hunt action alert

      Hello friends of Placer County deer,

      1)  We're still putting pressure on the supes to agendize the hunt expansion, but are running into walls.  We have two votes to agendize and hopefully stop the hunt, but need one more.  Rockholm and Weygandt are playing hard to get, so we need renewed pressure on them.  If you live in Roseville, your pressure on Rockholm is crucial, as he's the chair and sets the agenda.  And yes, even Uhler should still be targeted.  Please keep calling and writing, insisting on a meeting as well as expressing opposition to the hunt.  Be polite but persistent.  It's okay to be annoying sometimes.
      Please keep asking your friends as well, as each person counts in a grass roots campaign like this.  And don't forget to thank Holmes and Montgomery for being willing to listen to us.  It would be easier for them to try and shove this further under the carpet, as the others have, but they've been receptive and respectful.  They do need to know that there's a third vote though.

      Key points -
      The expanded hunt has NO relation to Uhler's initial "concern" about car collisions. 
      They do NOT need to wait for the official DFG letter to agendize or stop the expansion.  That's a stall tactic.
      There is NO evidence that there is deer overpopulation or disease.
      The only purpose for this expansion is to increase hunter opportunities and thus revenue for DFG.  Do the supes really want to take the risk with no county benefit?

      Call them at: 530-889-4010
      Fax: 530-889-4009
      email:  bos@...

      2)  Keep up the letters to the editors, and be sure to mention any supes refusing or avoiding meetings with you.  Voters need to know.  Please bcc us on any emails or letters.

      3)  On a larger front, the head honcho of the Cal. Dept. of Fish & Game abruptly resigned recently, which gives us a golden opportunity to press for a non-hunter to be appointed.  Please contact the governor and politely ask him to choose someone who represents the 99+% of Californians who do not hunt and are unrepresented where our wildlife are concerned.

      Call him at: 916-445-2841
      fax:   916-558-3160
      contact form:  www.gov.ca.gov/interact (no direct email to Arnie)

      For a change of pace, send a note to Maria and Christina Shriver.  Christina has put pressure on dad on other animal issues, so it doesn't hurt to plead our case with her.

      First Lady Maria Shriver
      Miss Christina Shriver
      State Capitol
      Sacramento 95814
      916-558-3160 fax

      Thanks everyone!

      Committee to Ban the Bogus Deer Hunt

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