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Veg/raw lectures & cooking classes - starting this Sun, Oct 3

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  • trevorlevine
    If you re attracted to vegetarian or raw foods, and want to be sure you re meeting all of your nutritional needs, here s a great opportunity to get your
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2004
      If you're attracted to vegetarian or raw foods, and want to be sure
      you're meeting all of your nutritional needs, here's a great
      opportunity to get your questions answered. You'll discover:

      Best vegan sources of protein, calcium, Omega 3, and vitamins A, D,
      and B12.

      Why many people get more cavities after switching to an all raw diet,
      and how to protect your teeth; why you do need saturated fat.

      Which foods are more digestible raw vs. cooked… plus pros and cons of

      How to skyrocket the nutritional value of your nuts, seeds, grains, &
      beans through soaking.

      How to eat well, even when you're traveling and have no
      refrigeration. Foods you can take "on the road" or in your suitcase.

      What dentist Weston Price discovered about indigenous societies that
      hadn't been introduced to "modern" foods.

      *Register at least 5 days in advance, and receive three super bonuses!

      This lecture will be given by long-time vegetarian Trevor Levine. On
      Oct. 11, Trevor will give a new lecture called "Dramatically Improve
      Your Digestion, Bone Health, And Blood Sugar Levels". Both will be
      followed by question and answer sessions. In the new lecture, you'll

      Are you ever tired after meals? Do you have gas, bloating, or
      indigestion? Learn to properly combine proteins, starches, fats,
      fruits, and veggies so they digest easily.

      In traditional food combining, fruit must be eaten alone… But Trevor
      will reveal three yummy exceptions to this rule. Plus, how to slow
      down the rise in your blood sugar.

      Are you tired of waiting for avocados to ripen? Do your bananas turn
      brown too fast? Learn to control the ripening of your fruit.

      Don't risk getting osteoporosis. Learn why minerals get leached from
      your bones. Learn which foods are acidic, which are alkaline, and
      how to balance them.

      How to release the gas-producing sugar from beans before you eat
      them -- minimizing gas, bloating, and indigestion.

      After the Q&A sessions, if there's still space, you can learn to make
      delicious vegan recipes (mostly raw) that are fast to prepare, fast
      to clean up, and easy to digest. You must be thrilled with the class,
      or it's free. Class space is limited, so reserve your space before
      it's sold out. You'll learn to:

      Taste real vanilla bean, fresh coconut water, fresh mint, whole oat
      groats, and raw cashews.

      Make delicious recipes that follow proper food combining guidelines,
      and won't create havoc in your digestive system.

      Make salad dressings from whole nuts, seeds, coconut meat, and/or
      avocados. Learn to transition away from extracted oils.

      "Veganize" creamy recipes like cream of corn, sweet potato custard,
      and creamy porridge by using blended fresh coconut meat instead of
      the traditional cream or butter.

      Learn recipes that you can make with just a knife, cutting board, and

      Make satisfying sweets using whole grains, root vegetables, fruits,
      and low-glycemic sweeteners like agave nectar, stevia, and yakon

      Dates and locations

      Veg lecture 2-4pm, Sunday, October 3: Spiral Muse, 3389 – 22nd Street
      in San Francisco (near Guerrero). Followed by a recipe class from 4-

      Recipe class 6-8pm, Monday, October 11 – Elizabeth Bechtold's house,
      633 Glenwood Isle in Alameda. Followed by the new lecture from 8-
      10pm: " Digestion, Bone Health, And Blood Sugar"

      Veg lecture 2-4pm, Sunday, October 24: Selenia Mason's house, 40
      Harbor Drive in Daly City. Followed by a recipe class from 4-6pm.

      For complete details, and to reserve your seat, visit
      Or call 510-549-4300. The recipe class usually sells out, so it's
      best to reserve your space in advance. However, if there's still
      space on the day of the class, you may enroll then.
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