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Fw: The Daily Unnecessary Obituary.....

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  • Robert Martin
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2009
      --- On Mon, 10/5/09, Robert Martin <ramartin3828@...> wrote:

      > From: Robert Martin <ramartin3828@...>
      > Subject: The Daily Unnecessary Obituary.....
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      > Date: Monday, October 5, 2009, 3:06 PM
      > It has always seemed deadly curious
      > to me why we mindlessly accept the daily obituaries we
      > either read about or hear on electronic media.  "XYZ
      > today died today."   He/she was 67, for
      > example.   We accept this matter of
      > factly.  Without question.  Without a sense of
      > "outrage."   Unless one is murdered,
      > accidentally killed in a car crash, or other event outside
      > of our control, these daily obituaries should be a source of
      > extreme anger.  For these deaths, at such relatively
      > young ages, for the most part, are completely
      > unavoidable.  With nutrition.  At least 70% of all
      > (early) death is preventable with vegan nutrition. Of
      > course, all death is unavoidable.  We all will
      > die.  But why accept "early" death when it can be
      > delayed, for decades??   Robert A. Martin
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