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Re: Meet Farm Sanctuary's New Executive Director

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  • Neil
    Forwarding the message. To view this alert as a Web page, please use this link: http://action.farmsanctuary.org/site/MessageViewer If you d like to share this
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2009
      Forwarding the message.

      To view this alert as a Web page, please use this link: http://action.farmsanctuary.org/site/MessageViewer
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      Meet Farm Sanctuary’s New Executive Director

      Dear Neil,

      I am extremely gratified that in the 23 years since Farm Sanctuary was founded, the prime issues we pioneered have moved to the forefront of the animal protection movement and into mainstream consciousness. And we have you to thank for our success, because everything we’ve achieved is the result of all of us working together. Of course, behind every winning team is an outstanding leader who sees the big picture and how every player fits into it, which is why I’m so excited today to introduce Farm Sanctuary’s new Executive Director, Allan E. Kornberg, M.D.

      A lifelong animal advocate, Dr. Kornberg has been a vegetarian for more than 20 years (and vegan for the last six), as well as a valued member of Farm Sanctuary’s Board of Directors. Dr. Kornberg also served as the U.S. Executive Director of the World Society for the Protection of Animals, a major international organization based in the U.K., and has worked with numerous other advocacy groups, including the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. He has worked for years to end the abuses of animals in factory farms and laboratories. But at least as important as Dr. Kornberg’s commitment to animal protection is his distinguished career in medicine and nonprofit management, which spans 25 years.

      Dr. Kornberg has practiced both primary care pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine, and most recently served as Senior Vice President for the National Initiative for Children’s Health Quality. His prior professional background is equally impressive: he was CEO of Network Health (a Medicaid health plan serving the poor in Massachusetts), Medical Director of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (also in Massachusetts), Executive Director and Medical Director for the physician-hospital organization at Scottish Rite Children’s Medical Center in Atlanta, and Chief of Emergency Medicine at Buffalo Children’s Hospital in New York. Dr. Kornberg earned these achievements with hard work and a solid foundation of multidisciplinary education, which include an undergraduate degree from M.I.T, a medical degree from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and an M.B.A. from the University of Rochester.

      Having been privileged to know Dr. Kornberg as both a colleague and a friend, I can say with complete confidence that he possesses the necessary expertise and vision to lead Farm Sanctuary to new heights, expanding our reach, strengthening our impact and creating even greater change for farm animals. With his demonstrated success in executive leadership, in-depth knowledge of vegan health and nutrition, and profound love for animals, Dr. Kornberg is the perfect fit for Farm Sanctuary, and we warmly welcome him as our Executive Director.

      Yours in compassion,

      Gene Baur
      President and Co-founder
      Farm Sanctuary

      Farm Sanctuary, PO Box 150, Watkins Glen, NY 14891

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