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    Forwarding the message.     1 September 2009 VSS NEWS VSS at Yoga Fair – 6 Sep Joining NUS’s Efforts to Fight Climate – 7 & 8 Sep The Wait Is Over:
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      Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

      1 September 2009
      In This Issue

      Editor's Note

      VSS NEWS

      VSS at Yoga Fair – 6 Sep
      Joining NUS’s Efforts to Fight Climate – 7 & 8 Sep
      The Wait Is Over: DVDs of Prof Campbell’s Talks
      Ready Now

      ‘Anyone Can Cook Vegetarian’ Cooking Class - 26 Sep
      VSS Exco Member Graces Cover of
      New Online Veg Magazine

      English-Chinese Translators Needed

      CNN on Meat Free Mondays
      A Taste of Meat Eater Logic
      Time Magazine Has Stolen Our Materials :)
      Taiwan Organic Vegetarian Tour (Mandarin)
      – 26 Dec-2 Jan

      Yam'y Vegetarian Cooking Class – 12 Sep
      Fish and Fish Oil Linked to Diabetes Risk
      Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s
      September Classes at NutriHub
      I Am A Vegetarian

      The times are they a-changin’? Meat reduction certainly seemed to be on everyone’s lips at last weekend’s Climate Crisis Symposium.
      And speaking of times, did Time magazine plagiarise some of our material? (wink)
      Dr George M Jacobs

      If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line here.
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      Visit us at www.vss.sg


      VSS at Yoga Fair – 6 Sep

      On Sun, 6 Sep, , 10am-6pm, VSS will have a booth and give a talk at a Yoga Fair to be held at Fort Canning Park @ Cox Terrace. The event is organized by the Ananda Marga Yoga Society of Singapore, and the Guest of Honour is Dr Fatima Lateef, MP for Marine Parade GRC.
      Many yoga proponents are also proponents of vegetarianism, not only for health reasons but also to promote kindness towards other animals (human and otherwise) and to care for the environment. For more information about this fair: 9789.8167 or http://anandamarga. org.sg/category/ events.


      Joining NUS’s Efforts to Fight Climate – 7 & 8 Sep

      VSS will be taking part in the Green Carnival at NUS, as part of the university’s campaign to reduce global warming. The Carnival activities include urging the NUS community to change their eating habits in light of the strong evidence that the production of animal-based foods is responsible for a significant proportion of greenhouse gas emissions.
      The Carnival’s opening ceremony takes place on Mon, 7 Sep, 10.30-1pm at the NUS Central Forum.
      (a) Climate Change Exhibition – Deadline 2015
      (b) NUS Fights Climate Change – What About YOU?? - film
      (c) Bochup House
      (d) NUS Votes Earth
      (e) Performance by local comedian Hossan Leong
      The Green Carnival is organized by SAVE (Students Against Violation of the Earth): nussu.save@gmail. com Check out the significant initiatives, such as Meatless Thursday, that SAVE is promoting: www.nusfightsclimat echange.com


      The Wait Is Over: DVDs of Prof Campbell’s Talks Ready Now

      The wait is over for those who missed Prof Campbell’s talks or who want to watch them again. DVDs of Professor T. Colin Campbell presentations in Singapore on 18 and 19 July are now ready at $25 each.
      Please email your orders to johncheang@adventis t.org.sg or contact John at 6565.9076 (office) or 96742.512 (hp). Please include $10 for delivery charges and allow 3 or 4 weeks for production and processing of your order. You may also self collect the DVDs at
      90 Jurong East Street 13, S. 609648. If you choose the self-collect option, please fix an appointment before coming.
      If you enjoyed Prof Campbell’s visit, you’ll want to know that another noted health expert, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, highly recommended by Prof Campbell, has tentatively agreed to speak here in March 2010. Find out more about Dr Esselstyn and his work on heart health at his Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease website: http://www.heartatt ackproof. com


      ‘Anyone Can Cook Vegetarian’ Bilingual Cooking Class - 26 Sep

      VSS is starting a series of cooking classes to make it easier for people to eat less or no meat. The teachers for our first session will be the bilingual Mrs & Mr Chng, who run a veg stall for Spore Technology staff. Of late, VSS members know them for the great veg food they have provided for VSS functions. People often askg the Chngs to share their cooking secrets. Now’s your chance to find out how they do it.
      Date: 26 Sep (Sat) 2 – 5pm
      Fee: $40 for VSS members / $50 for non-members
      Limited to 15 participants. Please register early. Your reservation is confirmed when we receive your payment.
      Recipes taught and tasted:
      1) chicken rice
      2) rojak
      3) herbal soup
      4) salad dish
      5) mixed soya protein dish
      6) dessert (lotus seed in green bean)
      Location: Second Avenue - details will be sent upon registration.
      Registration: email to whatscooking@ vss.sg


      VSS Exco Member Graces Cover of New Online Veg Magazine

      A new magazine, VegVibe, has been launched online, and VSS Honorary Secretary, Pauline Menezes, graces the cover of the first issue: http://www.vegvibe. com.
      The magazine is a great addition to the Singapore vegetarian scene. Be sure to check it out.


      English-Chinese Translators Needed

      Some of the VSS materials are available in both Chinese and English. To expand this, we need volunteer translators to do English to Chinese. If you can help, please contact info@vegetarian- society.org



      CNN on Meat Free Mondays

      Here’s a CNN report on the growing movement for at least one meatless day per week. The report also talks about test tube meat.
      http://edition. cnn.com/video/ #/video/
      international/ 2009/08/09/ lustout.eco.
      meat.free.monday. cnn?iref= videosearch



      A Taste of Meat Eater Logic

      This article is written by someone from Ireland who keeps pigs as both pets and as a food source. The first sentence says it all: “The best thing about keeping pigs is, of course, the pork, but the companionship runs the meat a pretty close second”. You can read the rest of the sentences here:
      http://www.telegrap h.co.uk/earth/ agriculture/
      farming/5990655/ The-joy-of- pigs.html

      A lively debate among readers can be found below the article.


      Time Magazine Has Stolen Our Materials :)

      Check out this article from Time magazine. Sounds like they plagiarized parts from some vegetarian society’s flyer. Unfortunately, not all the article is that good.
      http://www.time. com/time/ health/article/
      0,8599,1917458, 00.html



      Taiwan Organic Vegetarian Tour (Mandarin) – 26 Dec-2 Jan

      Due to popular demand, Cielo Sereno (www.CieloSereno. net) will be organising a second organic tour to Taiwan (26 Dec 09 ~ 2 Jan 10). Unlike most commercial tours, this scenic and health tour emphasizes Get-Close-To- Nature and Holistic Wellness concepts. During the 8 Days travelling, participants will be immersed in magnificent landscapes of Western Taiwan, indulge in fine organic vegetarian meals, recharge in the relaxing atmosphere of farms and celebrate the wisdom of the organic industry.


      26 Dec '09 ~ 2 Jan '10


      SGD1200 excludes airfare, airport tax, insurance (early bird price of SGD1050 before 12th Sep)

      For itinerary and booking forms:
      http://www.cieloser eno.net/Taiwan- page.htm
      For past Taiwan Tour photos:
      http://www.cieloser eno.net/gallery/
      taiwan2009/TaiwanMa y09.wmv



      Yam'y Vegetarian Cooking Class – 12 Sep

      Ms. Bhaeravii Chia will be demonstrating various yam-based dishes. You will have hands-on experience at wrapping rolls and moulding mooncakes. Recipes are provided as well. Touch your loved ones with home-made mooncakes this mooncake festival. Mooncake ingredients & moulding equipments will be for sale.
      Dishes include:
      - Yam rice
      - Yam fritters
      - Five Spices yam rolls
      - Special salad cream
      - Snow-skinned mooncake
      Participants will get to taste the food too!


      12th Sep 09, Sat @ 2 - 5pm


      21 Jalan Pokok Serunai, S. 468158 (near Upper East Coast Road )
      Nearest MRT: Bedok
      Buses: 10, 13, 14, 31, 43, 48, 196, 197


      $80 (non members)
      $70 (members)


      maximum 25 pax only


      Call.6344 6519 to register! (Kindly note that space is confirmed only upon receiving payment)


      http://www.anandama rga.org.sg



      Fish and Fish Oil Linked to Diabetes Risk

      A new Harvard study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition links fish and omega-3 oil consumption to type 2 diabetes. Following 195,204 adults for 14 to18 years, researchers found that the more fish or omega-3 fatty acids participants consumed, the higher their risk of developing diabetes. The risk increase was modest for occasional fish eaters, but rose to a 22 percent increased risk for women consuming five or more fish servings per week.
      Prior studies have suggested that fat accumulation within muscle cells can lead to insulin resistance which, in turn, contributes to diabetes. People who eat no animal products have less fat in their cells and much less risk of developing diabetes. A low-fat vegan diet has been shown to improve type 2 diabetes.
      Kaushik M, Mozaffarian D, Spiegelman D, Manson JE, Willett WC, Hu FB. Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, fish intake, and the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Am J Clin Nutr. 2009 Jul 22


      Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s

      Meat eating is associated with higher cholesterol levels, although being vegetarian is no guarantee against high cholesterol. Recently, a 40-year study suggests having high cholesterol in midlife increases the risk for Alzheimer's disease in later years, U.S. and Finnish researchers say. Read more at:
      http://www.upi. com/Health_ News/2009/ 08/04/
      High-cholesterol- linked-to- dementia- risk/



      September Classes at NutriHub

      NutriHub, the Organic Fusion Café - Cuppage Plaza , #B2-25 (behind OG Orchard, near Centrepoint, tel: 6738.2746, www.nutrihub. blogspot. com - is conducting more workshops in Sep. Here’s the schedule.
      1. Wed 9/9/09 or Sat 26/9/09 2pm to 4pm
      “Nutrimeal Cooking – Series II”
      $50 inclusive of lunch. Learn how to prepare Simple, Nutritious & Healthy meals.
      a. Homemade Almond Oat Milk
      b. Vegan Korean Kimchi
      c. Eight Treasure Brown Rice
      d. Five Spices Salad Tofu
      2. Sat 12/9/09 10.30am to 12.30pm
      “Harmonising Your Body Energy I” $40 inclusive of lunch. Learn how to protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic field s/ radiation. Learn how to use a pendulum to check your body & food energy. Learn how to harmonize your body energy with visualization techniques, organic juices and other methods.
      3. Wed 16/9/09 or Sat 19/9/09 2pm to 4pm
      “Raw, Like Cooked – Series II”
      $50 inclusive of lunch. Learn how to make nutritious & appetizing raw roods that look like cooked as part of your diet.
      a. NutriVegan Rojak
      b. Pine nut Parmesan
      c. Crispbread without flour
      d. Asian Pizza Delight
      Members or associates / corporate members, enjoy 10% discount for any workshop.
      Non-members: 10% discount when registering for 2 workshops or more.
      10% discount for group of 2 persons or more registering for 1 workshop.
      To register, contact the Café at 6738.2746 or sms Ms Vinitha Ang at 9236.8402.
      Enquiries: contact Ms Vinitha Ang at 9236.8402.


      I am Vegetarian

      In a variation on our usual How I Became A Vegetarian segment, Jeffery Cheng, Secondary One student at Raffles Institution, shares about being a life-long veg.
      My classmates have always been taken aback by my vegetarianism and enquire about my dietary limitations. Often, classmates will come to me with a plate of chicken rice or wave meat in front of me to tease me about what I am missing. But they are the ones who are missing the point. Meat embodies cruelty, exploitation and suffering.
      I have heard about parents disapproving of their children going vegetarian. Understandably, they are concerned, wanting their children to have the best nutrition, but there is so much misunderstanding. I am of average stature (154 cm, 49kg) and in water polo, which is a vigorous sports CCA that requires much energy three times a week, and perfectly healthy. Also, it has already been scientifically proven that the vegetarian diet can provide all the nutrition we need.
      One perception is that I may have been forced or brainwashed into vegetarianism, and, as a result, my choice is invalid. Absolutely Not! I was given the chance to eat meat when I was in a childcare centre. Though I had permission to eat meat, I chose not to on my own accord, mainly for the respect for animals, because I am turned off by the way animals are bred and butchered.
      No matter what, I hold steadfast to my belief - not hurting animals, who are living beings too. They can feel pain and experience pleasure too. So let’s extend them the compassion we feel for other human beings. Whenever you can, do go meatless, not only for the animals.
      As aptly put by T. Casey Brennan, a vegetarian American comic book writer and memoirist, “Poor animals! How jealously they guard their pathetic bodies…that which to us is merely an evening's meal, but to them is life itself”.



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      plus many other benefits!

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      or email us at makan@... to notify us of new places.
      The VSS eNewsletter is non-copyrighted, and readers are encouraged to share the content.
      Back issues are available here.
      Disclaimer: The information provided in this Newsletter is solely for the consideration of the subscribers, and does not constitute an endorsement by the Vegetarian Society ( Singapore ).






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