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Re: [SFVeg] Re:Please Save CA Parks!

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  • brian wesenberg
    Don and all, you make a good point for the private sector stepping in to support public parks when the state is unable or unwilling to do so.  the way
    Message 1 of 4 , May 31, 2009
      Don and all,

      you make a good point for the private sector stepping in to support public parks when the state is unable or unwilling to do so.  the way sacramento is presenting the current budget case does make it look like a budgetary shell game.  there is also the case for raising taxes.  unfortunately, with the two thirds vote needed to pass such things, that has become more difficult.  i support signing the petition as it will or can show that the public wants the parks to remain open.  perhaps then, both sides in sacramento will see what we want funded, as well as other programs' needs and realize that cutting is not the only option.  how that compromise or deal comes about, i can not visualize, but with public input, hopefully our representatives in sacramento will realize that they need to explore other options.  i would also be willing to donate to a short term private funding of state parks, if that was is required to keep them open, as i greatly enjoy
      visiting them.

      thanks for a thoughtful alternative idea incase the state is not able to pull through,

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      The State of CA doesn't have the money to keep the parks open. In order for

      the government to function they have to cut something. For those who want

      their programs to stay open we as citizens should find ways to fund them.

      Does anyone want to create a way for people to donate money to the parks?

      If we could get enough people in CA to donate money to a "Keep the Parks

      Open Fund" we could help in that way.

      For this type of project we would need to figure out what the annual cost of

      running the parks: cost of rangers, upkeep and maintenance, etc. Then find

      a secure way to collect the money and use those funds to pay for the

      services needed. If enough people were willing to get together and work on

      this project there is a very good chance we could keep the parks open. This

      is not to purchase the parks, this is just to help keep them open until the

      state of CA has enough funds to keep them open.

      Until someone finds a way to get the money to pay for the parks, I cannot

      sign a petition. Take my own personal finances for example When my funds

      are low, I have to find something that I am willing to go without for a

      while until the funds are available, or find a way to make more money to

      cover the decrease in my current bank account.

      Does anyone want to step up to the plate and help keep the parks open by

      getting the funds to cover the cost? Or are we just going to sit back and

      say "Please don't cut my program, cut someone else's?"


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