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Last night's SF premier of Peaceable Kingdom

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  • Pete
    Last night s San Francisco premier of Tribe of Heart s new documentary Peaceable Kingdom was truly a remarkable and moving event. But that s not just my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31 11:39 AM
      Last night's San Francisco premier of Tribe of Heart's new documentary "Peaceable Kingdom" was truly a remarkable and moving event. But that's not just my opinion. Herbst Theatre was filled to capacity with folks who gave this new film by the makers of "Witness" a standing ovation that it richly deserved.

      In only an hour and a quarter "Peaceable Kingdom" takes the audience into the horrifying world of factory farming as seen through the eyes of those who rescue and provide sanctuary for farmed animals. Because of that perspective, this film, which does contain scenes of awful abuse, leaves the viewer with more hope than sadness and a renewed conviction to carry on the struggle for compassion toward those very species whom our species abuses and exploits the most: farmed animals.

      In the film, we meet some pretty amazing people, like Lorri and Gene Bauston, founders of Farm Sanctuary; Howard Lyman, a former beef rancher turned vegetarian author and animal rights crusader; and Peaches Gillette, who adopted a farmed animal at Farm Sanctuary and found herself personally growing as a result of her experiences with that animal. But the animals at Farm Sanctuary are the biggest surprise and the true stars of this film. They come across as real individuals with distinct personalities and histories that make their typical treatment as farmed animals all the more unjustifiable.

      "Peaceable Kingdom" will be coming to the Red Vic in San Francisco in late August and, in time, to commercial theatres in other cities. This film will sadden you and anger you. But mostly, it will give you hope and the inspiration to continue the fight for animal liberation. And for that, producer James LaVeck and director Jenny Stein of Tribe of Heart deserve our heartfelt thanks and support.

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