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Dec 7 Sunday: Kindness Kitchen.....Lunch Menu

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  • jcadiz2002
    KINDNESS KITCHEN (Being started in the concept of Karma Kitchen, in association with HOH and Maharani Restaurant, 1122 Post, San Francisco, Ca. (415-775-1988)
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2008
      (Being started in the concept of Karma Kitchen, in association with
      HOH and Maharani Restaurant, 1122 Post, San Francisco, Ca. (415-775-1988)
      This is no secret: What goes around comes around. Kindness Kitchen is
      a concept whose time has come. Kindness Kitchen is run by kind and
      compassionate volunteers. They give their time, energy, love, and give
      from their hearts, without expecting anything in return. The
      vegetarian and vegan dishes are served with love, kindness and offered
      as unconditional gift. The joy they spread comes back to them many folds.

      We leave it to our esteemed guests to pay it forward in the best way
      they can, in kindness, generosity and in the spirit of give and take,
      in whatever way they wish. Our Patrons won't need to fight who pays
      for the checks at the end of a great meal. They won't receive one with
      any amount on it. Instead they will receive a large-size card with a
      note: "In the spirit of kindness and generosity, someone who dined
      before you made a gift of your meal. You are free to leave whatever
      you like when you are done. All of us are working here as volunteers*
      and are providing this in the spirit of service. We wish and hope you
      will continue the cycle of generosity in your own way."

      December 7, 2008, 11.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. (Menu changes every Sunday)
      (Open every Sunday during the month of December 7,14,21, and 28 2008)


      Basmati Rice
      Lentil (Dal) soup
      Naan (Special Bread)
      Raita (yogurt/cucumber)

      DESSERT (Ask your server for today's special)

      A noble intention goes a long way towards forging positive social
      changes. True success happens when an individual helps his fellow
      beings unconditionally, especially those who are less privileged or
      handicapped physically, mentally or spiritually. Anything is possible
      if the intention is true and from the heart. As Margaret Mead put it:
      "Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For,
      indeed, that's all who ever have."

      It is my humble effort to create awareness to those who come and dine
      in Maharani's Kindness Kitchen, about hunger, homelessness, poverty,
      child education and global concerns about our planet. It's about
      environment, creating a more balanced society, where people are put
      before corporate profits, where innovative and lasting solutions are
      created to protect wild life, environment (especially the air we
      breathe and the clean water we drink). We need to be aware of and
      honor and support with our efforts to protect endangered species,
      global warming, pollution and to rededicate ourselves to cleaner and
      renewal energy sources, thus putting the planet first so that our
      children and grand children can live balanced and more harmonious lives.

      When I read about Karma Kitchen, something in me...the inner me told
      me I have to get my restaurant involved come what may.
      If not now when? If not me who?
      Well we have to work out the details. With your help and the help of
      like-minded persons, we should be able to get this idea manifested on
      the 7th of December.

      Mahatma Gandhi appropriately said: "Be the change," you want to bring
      to this world. If you want to change the conditions in your life or
      around the planet, you have to change the way you think, feel and act

      Joy Kapur
      Owner/Exec Chef
      Author: www.ThisIsNoSecret.com

      *(Those who have the desire in their hearts to volunteer their
      services, may contact Maharani Restaurant or HOH)

      Joy Kapur
      www.ThisIsNoSecret.comThe most powerful and potent force lies in the
      inner core of your heart. It is your heart-held intentions that give
      you indefatigable energy, stamina and will, the no nonsense way to
      reach your goals, whether it is to attract love, wealth, healthDec 7
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