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Thank you for helping pass Prop 2

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  • Neil
    Forwarding the message. Jennifer Fearing, YES! on Prop 2 campaign wrote: Dear xxxx, Hopefully this message finds you with a smile on
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2008
      Forwarding the message.

      "Jennifer Fearing, YES! on Prop 2 campaign" <jen@...> wrote:

      Dear xxxx,
      Hopefully this message finds you with a smile on your face, a decent night's sleep under your belt, and a sense of accomplishment about what we did on Election Day.
      Together we changed history for animals suffering in tiny cages on factory farms in California. As Teagan, a volunteer, told me last night at a YES! on Prop 2 celebration in San Diego, "With passion and purpose, we can do anything." And boy did we do something.
      Because of you, nearly 20 million animals every year in California will soon be spared the unspeakable cruelty of battery cages, veal crates and gestation crates.
      Because of you, the doors of dark sheds have been opened for all to see the suffering inside. And cruelty can't stand the spotlight.
      Because of you, a tidal wave of compassion that is reverberating across the world has been unleashed. And that genie will not go back in the bottle.
      Because of you, we have -- for the first time in California -- meaningful unity as a movement.
      Words can't express our admiration and gratitude for your efforts. You're the reason the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act is going on the books in California. You gathered the signatures. You raised the money. You built support. You got the vote out. You won Prop 2.
      Celebrate. Rest. Savor your role in history.
      And then please get back to the important work of helping animals in need. Volunteer at your local animal shelter, participate in a rally or demonstration, react to animal stories in your local newspaper by writing letters to the editor, keep track of animal protection legislation and get involved in the political process, join a local animal protection organization working for change in your community.
      As the Prop 2 campaign comes to a close, I encourage you to extend your commitment to protecting animals. If you are not yet part of the online communities of either Farm Sanctuary or The Humane Society of the United States, I invite you to join them today. Click here to sign up for alerts from Farm Sanctuary, and click here to get news, alerts, campaign updates, and more from The Humane Society of the United States.
      In the aftermath of our victory for farm animals, our California "army of the kind" is strong. Let's stay in the fight!

      Jennifer Fearing
      YES! on Prop 2

      Paid for by Yes on Prop. 2 - Californians for Humane Farms, sponsored by The Humane Society of the US and Farm Sanctuary (major funders), and other animal protection groups, family farmers, veterinarians, and public health professionals.
      ©2008 Californians for Humane Farms | P.O. Box 418202 Sacramento, CA | 95841-8202 | (323) 896-1126

      Enjoy life and smile.

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