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    Saturday Morning on May 29th at - 11am - All Kindred Spirits will Meet - We will wait for the others out in front of the Jack London Lodge Restaurant area
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2004
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      Saturday Morning on May 29th at - 11am -
      All Kindred Spirits will Meet -
      We will wait
      for the others out in front of the Jack London Lodge Restaurant area
      in the middle of town in Glen Ellen which is just about 45 miles
      north of
      Golden Gate Bridge.

      From the Bay Area go north up 101 from the Golden Gate Bridge
      somewhere around San Rafael take the HWY 37 exit East towards Vallejo
      then after a while you take a left up 121 and go North towards
      just keep going north and on up Arnold Drive into Glen Ellen..

      All are welcome to come who come in good spirit.
      Friends of the Sustainable Communities Movement
      will be
      welcomed and your voice does need to be heard and appreciated.

      And this might be one of your
      chances to meet up with some of the truly awesome visionaries here
      the heart of this entire movement and to begin your
      personal journey of finding your Home Place of Peace right
      on the Beautiful Mother Earth with some of the other
      folks and amidst many other wonderful
      and opportunities to make the magic work.

      You bring your own healthy and happy faces to
      Meet which is a friendly gathering of Kindred Spirits
      towards a collective vision of an Earth Restored
      a World at Peace in all different ways.

      It's all Positive and Constructive.
      Networking with a Purpose.
      Collaboration and Companionship is Key.

      You are welcome to Freely Share
      your own most elegant wishes and good ideas.

      This is the place to make your Contributions known and I want you
      to be there with us because Freedom Starts right here and forever.
      This is what the real Magic is all about.
      We can make it all happen by combining our own intensions to
      collaborate together.

      We will meet at 11am in Glen Ellen in Northern California
      which is about 45 miles north of the Golden
      Gate Bridge.

      This is also a connecting point for people to make a few real
      friendships that will last forever.
      These are just the beginnings. What will happen is that others will
      connect up with those
      few who have connected up with us all in good faith and Real Magic
      will begin to happen.
      In this way it can begin to grow like a Tree.
      each one of us reaches out to others in many
      different ways.
      Where you work. Where you live. Other places. We reach out. This is
      how the Tree Grows.

      We must begin to reach out to find all the others in a way that does
      not overstretch our own
      personal resources. By sharing the job it works better and becomes

      I am just one on the smaller branches on this Tree. You could become
      need your kind words and real help as true collaborators towards
      creating a new world.

      We're all Children here on this Tree. But this Tree is here for a
      very significant purpose. It's
      not just about people who want to learn things or to have things.

      We are here to create new things for all to share.

      There is a Magic and an Art to the way we must follow.
      We are just the Children
      of the Earth and we are going to have to become truly magical

      I am just one
      of the many Children of the Earth who have now become one of it's
      with your help I hope one day many more will join us for an Earth
      Restored and a World at Peace.

      The Beginning
      the Integration of the Kindred Spirits at the Meet is founded upon
      the Principle
      the Integration of the energy generated from the collaboration of
      like minds, is greater than
      just the sum of the individual contributors.

      We are just one branch of this Extremely Elegant new Tree. Do come
      and take your places within the shelter of one of our many branches.

      Then we will become a starting point for greater things to come and
      a place where people can come up for related visits, events and get
      togethers. We do need to meet.

      The vision is here and this is what we can do right now. If any of
      this really speaks to you then do respond in some depth about who
      you are and what you are about.

      To join our new email group send a blank email first to:

      Much Love and Many Blessings to You All. - T


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