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Don't miss the party of the year: Fundraiser for Team Vegan

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  • Kristie Phelps
    Party for Team Vegan Sunday, April 6th, 3 – 6 p.m. House in the Oakland hills, directions sent upon RSVP
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2008
      Party for Team Vegan <http://veganhealth.org/colleges/run/home>

      Sunday, April 6th, 3 � 6 p.m.

      House in the Oakland hills, directions sent upon RSVP

      Improv Theater Games and Cupcake Contest:

      **Alex L is a professional dance and improv instructor. He'll lead us
      through fun improv-style party games that anyone can learn and play. No
      experience required and shy people are welcome.
      This is a fabulous way to unleash your imagination, build confidence, and
      explore spontaneity!

      **Bring one dozen of your most decadent vegan cupcakes. 11 of them should be
      cut in half, 1 left whole for display.

      First prize for best cupcakes is a gift certificate to Millennium!

      This event is a fund raiser for Team Vegan. An incredible donor in Canada
      has offered to match all money raised by Team Vegan�so if
      we can raise $50,000, John will give another $50,000! That's a heck of a lot
      of new vegetarians in the world! You must donate to attend the party.
      Minimum donation is $10 if you bring a batch of cupcakes, $15 if you don't.
      For those of you who can afford it, please consider donating more than that.
      Your donation will be doubled. If you can give $100, that will mean $200 for
      Vegan Outreach. All donations are tax deductible and we'll have forms for
      credit card donations at the door.

      Can't attend? You can still make a donation to support Team

      First prize for the biggest donation is a gift certificate for Cafe
      Organic Lettus! And don't worry if you're a starving student and you can't
      give more than $10 yourself�you are allowed to collect checks written out to
      Vegan Outreach from your friends and co-workers, and bring them to count
      towards your donation. Everyone has a chance at winning the prize for
      biggest donation.

      We'll have yummy Lagunitas beer, wine, and soda as well as some savory
      snacks. Just six days after this party, Team Vegan runners will be running
      the Santa Cruz half marathon for Vegan Outreach.

      We've been training for 3 months, we're sore, we're excited, and we want
      you to come celebrate with us!

      Party starts at 3:00 and donations will be collected at the door�no

      This is a fabulous chance to help animals and we're not letting it slip

      You are welcome and encouraged to bring non-veg friends and family.

      RSVP here.<http://www.evite.com/app/publicUrl/STQSGWKDWNZDHCAQNVZB/teamvegan08>
      And be sure to tell us if you're bringing cupcakes or not.

      Things to bring:

      *Yourself, dressed in comfortable clothes.
      *Nice socks or slippers (it's a shoe-free home)
      *A sense of humor
      *A willingness to play
      *12 luscious vegan cupcakes (if you want to enter the contest)
      *A donation to change the world
      *A huge smile for all the people saving animals: Animal rights activists and
      animal rights donors. Everyone at the party will be a donor, and many folks
      will also be local Bay Area activists, so be prepared to smile at everyone
      present. This rule will be strictly enforced.
      Can't wait to see you!!
      Sincerely and gratefully,

      Your Hosts: The Team Vegan Runners

      *This party would never happen without the wonderful Alex L. opening up his
      lovely home. *

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