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A Vacation That Gives Back To Homeless Pets At Nation’s Largest Animal Sanctuary

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  • carmen_cebs
    Take in Grand Canyon vistas and donate your kindness to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the country s largest no-kill refuge for abused and abandoned pets.
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      Take in Grand Canyon vistas and donate your kindness to Best Friends
      Animal Sanctuary, the country's largest no-kill refuge for abused
      and abandoned pets. This unique getaway offers a chance to escape
      your hectic schedule and engage your heart while you help homeless
      animals and revel in beauty of the Southwest. This is truly a trip
      to warm your heart and thrill your senses!

      Donna Zeigfinger of Green Earth Travel specializes in
      environmentally friendly travel with a focus on vegetarianism. She
      wanted to organize a one of a kind excursion where people could
      share their passion for animal rescue and explore one of the Earth's
      most beautiful natural wonders.

      The five day/four night trip she created starts and ends in Las
      Vegas. A van will shuttle clients from McCarran International
      Airport to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, located near Kanab,
      Utah. After an orientation and tour of the facilities, clients will
      assist Best Friends staff with the daily chores and routines that
      keep the shelter running and the critters happy. After two days of
      compassionate volunteering, participants will join Canyon Rim
      Adventures, leaders in north rim exploration since 1984, to begin a
      three day, two night guided backcountry adventure.

      During the Best Friends portion of the trip participants will be
      staying on site in Angel Canyon, surrounded by stunning scenery
      similar to that found at nearby Zion National Park. Watch the
      morning sun wash against the orange and red cliffs, thrill to clear
      blue-bird skies, and breathe in the beauty of this inspiring locale.

      Volunteer duties at Best Friends can include (but is not limited to)
      assisting with feeding, grooming, cleaning living areas, and walking
      or training those animals looking for adoptive homes. The
      facilities at the sanctuary are impressive—there's none of the
      sadness that you might expect from an animal refuge. These dogs,
      cats, horses, bunnies, and birds all have great homes and loving
      companions working with them every day—and they can stay as long as
      they want. There's no time limit at Best Friends. Of course, the
      goal is to find every pet a forever home—some just take a little
      longer to find that perfect match. Working with the animals has
      recharged many a soul. Expect to feel the love and renew your sense
      of health and happiness.

      The second half of this vacation starts with a two hour drive from
      Kanab, Utah to the incomparable Toroweap Overlook of the Grand
      Canyon. After lunch on the edge of the world, your guides will lead
      a warm up hike along the slickrock sandstone tableland that marks
      this section of the canyon's rim country. The length of the hike
      depends on a number of factors, but most groups run around for at
      least three hours (roughly four to six miles).

      Later in the afternoon, after setting up camp away from the rim, the
      CRA crew will cook up a four-star dinner, and if you're lucky, they
      might even spin a few yarns by the campfire. Beside their high
      level of professionalism, their interpretive skills, and their camp
      cooking skills, Canyon Rim Adventures prides itself on making life
      in the backcountry easy. And they've got a real shower.

      The next day of the adventure includes the longest hike of the trip—
      an all day escape into a beautiful side canyon for a trail lunch and
      lots of exploring. Like John Wesley Powell himself, the folks at
      Canyon Rim Adventures believe a real connection with this beautiful
      landscape can only be forged through physical effort. But don't
      worry, there will be plenty of time for breathers. The day is
      filled with explanations of the Grand Canyon's geology, history, pre-
      history, and ecosystems.

      The last day starts with camp breakdown, then a drive and short hike
      to a spectacular panoramic overlook of the junction of the canyon's
      longest side canyon with the main Colorado River corridor. After
      lunch on the rim you'll head back out to civilization and a shuttle
      ride to Las Vegas.

      Trip dates-
      May 28-June 1 2008
      October 8-12 2008
      Trip cost includes: Transfers from the airport to Best Friends,
      transfers from Best Friends to Canyon Rim, transfers from Canyon Rim
      back to the airport.
      2 nights, 3 days at Best Friends Sanctuary
      2 nights, 3 days with Canyon Rim Adventures
      Meals (all vegetarian): 4 breakfasts ( 2 at Best Friends, 2 with
      Canyon Rim), 5 lunches ( 2 at Best Friends, 3 with Canyon Rim), 4
      dinners ( 2 at Best Friends, 2 with Canyon Rim)
      Donation to Best Friends
      All camping gear: including tents, cots, pads, sleeping bags, guides
      and tours with Canyon Rim

      Not included: Gratuities for guides, personal items (phone calls,
      laundry, alcoholic beverages, or any snacks while at Best Friends
      (Canyon Rim Adventures will provide snacks and meals).

      Triple $864.00

      About Best Friends Animal Society
      "Best Friends Animal Society operates the country's largest
      sanctuary for homeless pets and is home, on any given day, to about
      1,500 dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds and other animals. Best
      Friends works globally with animal shelters and rescue groups to
      bring about a time when there will be no more homeless pets. Best
      Friends advances initiatives nationwide that promote community
      approaches to make the world a better place through kindness to
      animals, including adoption, spay/neuter, and humane education
      programs."-taken from www.bestfriends.org/aboutus/media

      About Canyon Rim Adventures, Inc.
      Based out of Kanab, Utah, Canyon Rim Adventures has been providing
      guided outdoor vacations on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for 10
      years. Their founders have been exploring the area since 1984 and
      have an intimate knowledge of trails, history, geology, archaeology,
      flora and fauna. Focusing on service, and providing all camping
      equipment and prepared gourmet meals, they specialize in sharing the
      backcountry of the Grand Canyon with their clients.

      If you would like more information about this trip, please call
      Donna Zeigfinger, toll free at 1-888-246-8343, or email Donna at
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