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Dr. Michael Greger presents free lecture Sunday 2 pm at Di Lac

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  • Michael Goldberger
    EarthSave Bay Area Special Event - All Are Welcome Michael Greger, M.D. Stop the Mad Cow Madness Protecting ourselves and our nation’s food supply. March
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2004
      EarthSave Bay Area Special Event - All Are Welcome
      Michael Greger, M.D.
      "Stop the Mad Cow Madness"
      Protecting ourselves and our nation�s food supply.

      March 14, Sunday
      Time: 2PM
      Cost: free lecture after lunch - (you pay for the
      lunch you order)*
      Location: Di Lac Cuisine, 1644 E. Capitol Expresway,
      San Jose

      Before Dr. Greger's lecture enjoy a delicious
      Vietnamese, Thai, or Chinese lunch at the acclaimed
      vegan Di Lac restaurant.

      Dr. Greger will discuss the public health implications
      of the mad cow crisis in the U.S. Learn how the
      American beef industry continues to risk public safety
      while the USDA remains complacent, protecting business
      interests over those of the consumer. Find out what
      you can do to protect your family from contracting the
      human form of the
      disease, variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, and what
      steps we as a nation must take to safeguard our food

      * Please RSVP so that we may reserve a seat for you at
      the restaurant.
      Leave your name, phone number, and number in party on
      our voicemail
      (408) 380-1214 or email to bayarea@....

      Dr. Greger is on a lecture tour. If you would like to
      contribute toward the cost of his transportation to
      San Jose, please visit EarthSave International store,
      where we have set up a special credit
      card donations section for this effort. Here is the

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