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A great show coming up soon! Posted by: "Deirdre Kennedy"

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  • CyberBrook
    I d be willing to table at this event, so just let me know. It s a nice offer and a good opportunity for us to spread the veg.---Dan A great show coming up
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2007
      I'd be willing to table at this event, so just let me know.

      It's a nice offer and a good opportunity for us to spread the veg.---Dan

      A great show coming up soon!

      Posted by: "Deirdre Kennedy" deeva13@...
      deedeeva13 <http://profiles.yahoo.com/deedeeva13>

      Wed Oct 3, 2007 12:37 pm (PST)

      Hello Dearest Veggies,

      Hope this email finds you doing very well. I wanted to let you know a
      little in advance
      about our new version of "BALANCE" launching off on Halloween weekend.....
      *could we have an SFVeg table with info in the lobby? I can accomadate
      that no problem.*

      For those of you who check regularly on our website,
      www.think13live.com , you will have noticed that we have added a new
      music video/teaser of 'Balance'. The footage was shot at our June
      30th show at Xenodrome, here in SF. Thanks to Editor Ben Roche and
      Director Juri Koll for putting together the video. Check it out!


      Our next show; OCT 27th @ 8pm, Project Artaud Theatre;think13 'Balance'
      Special, will be one not to miss!
      Working with Co-Director, James Montiont, 'Balance' is now taken to a
      new level....
      Set in the realm of the dream world, anything can happen. Think
      about it . . . what would happen if you were "awake" and in control of
      your dreams? Who would you meet? Where would you be taken? What may be
      revealed? Who would you become? Anything
      is possible.
      think13's 'Balance' is a mixed media performance troupe of
      collaborating artists including, visual displays, aerial performances,
      storytelling, fire/LED/light display, and modern dance performers,
      all choreographed to the original music of the duo think13. Our show,
      uses ancient and modern symbology from every continent in the world
      and is suitable for people of all ages. Let 'Balance' take you on a
      journey into your known unknown.

      think13 will also have a full band and new, stunning performers in our
      October show.... so please come IN COSTUME and kick off your Halloween
      weekend with us.


      We will also roll-out information on our youth Performance Arts
      Education Program VAGABOOM! with think13 in the lobby of the Project
      Artaud Theatre on the same night. VAGABOOM! with think13 Performance
      Arts Education Program information and sign-up sheets will be available.

      think13's Halloween Special advance tickets are on sale at
      www.groovetickets.com or on the night of the Halloween Special, at the
      Project Artaud Theatre box office for $20 for adults and $13 for
      Students, Seniors and Kids under 13.

      Theatre doors will open at 7:00 p.m. to allow enjoyment of the Halloween
      Special lobby area, which will have 13 Interactive Art Installations
      and access to VAGABOOM! Youth Arts Education info. The show will begin
      at 8:00 p.m.

      WE hope to see you at our show on OCT 27th.... we've been putting in so
      much hard
      work to make it worth your while :)

      feel free to pass on this message,

      Much Love,


      office: 415 221-2524
      Fax: 415 840-0369
      Now on the Apple iTunes Music Store!
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