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Relatively Local Event: the Amazing Raw Spirit Fest!

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  • yogirawchristian
    Aloha all, I consider the west coast and southwest pretty local when it comes to high profile events. That is why I thought it would be a disservice NOT to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2007
      Aloha all,

      I consider the west coast and southwest pretty local when it comes to
      high profile events. That is why I thought it would be a disservice NOT
      to write a little letter and share it here. Please accept my letter,
      thank you so much!

      A totally joyful and total-gratitude HI to you, from me, Christian
      Bates. I AM in complete joy and gratitude to be able to take part in
      what is being called "the newest and greatest celebration on earth!" It
      is happening this October. It is the Raw Spirit Festival. I discerned
      that I want to go, and I want to facilitate the event while there, AND I
      would love to spread the invitation to you all as whole heartedly as I

      This is my invitation! The secrets of healing have been around since the
      beginning of time, hidden as to be revealed in divine order and perfect
      timing, in just the right way so that YOUR mission on this planet
      unfolds like the most beautiful blooming flower in the entire universe.
      Join me as the greatest hearts, minds and souls come together from all
      over the world to enjoy, teach and learn about MASSIVE health abundance,
      sacred exercise, eco-sustainable solutions and world peace!

      This is the type of event where all cheeks will be aching do to all-day

      Amid certain comfort, limitless beauty, exciting unvealments, deep
      significance, strong connection, expansive growth, and contribution,
      your smile will greet over one thousand sparkling sets of eyes, eager as
      ever to LIVE as YOU!

      There comes a time when a small step--a small choice--leads
      synchronistically to all the wonders and dreams of a soul of which the
      soul has always known existed, but for so long seemed to linger in the
      distance. Now is the time to step into YOUR personal transformation and
      witness the most beautiful life ever to be had, up close and for REAL.
      May the Raw Spirit Festival be the beginning of your greatest love story
      ever told.

      Fall in love with yourself and join me by visiting:
      as well as:
      YogiRaw.com <http://www.yogiraw.com/wst_page9.html>

      By the way, you will save $30 if you register BEFORE SEPTEMBER 15TH!

      Kindly give my regards to the blissful creators of this event when you
      register for the:
      October 12-14th
      Sedona, Arizona

      BONUS: More and more hearts from across the planet are showing up to be
      featured at the Raw Spirit Festival every week. AND I, Christian Bates,
      am your official yoga instructor for Saturday morning October 13th! Join
      me in honoring yourself, one small step at a time.

      In joy, in heart, and in my deepest invitation,

      Go forth and prosper,

      Christian Bates

      Ancient Sun Nutrition's WildBar and Superfood Research and Developer
      Cell: 415 819 7296
      www.yogiraw.com <http://www.yogiraw.com/>
      www.wildbar.info <http://www.wildbar.info/>

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