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Recipe -- Sarah's Pizza Pie

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    Courtesy of Veggie Jews and Pete Cohon Vicolo Corn Meal Pizza Crust (store-bought in freezer section, two crusts to a pack) organic pizza sauce (such as Muir
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      Courtesy of Veggie Jews and "Pete Cohon"

      Vicolo Corn Meal Pizza Crust (store-bought in freezer section, two
      crusts to
      a pack)

      organic pizza sauce (such as Muir Glen or Newman's Own Organic El

      4 cloves organic garlic, crushed and minced

      1/2 medium-size organic red onion, finely diced

      4 ounces organic baby portabella mushrooms, finely diced

      2 medium-size organic roma tomatoes, diced

      3 ounces Yves Canadian Veggie Bacon, diced and cooked until crisp

      3 ounces Vegan Gourmet Monterey Jack Cheese Alternative

      fresh or dried organic basil to taste

      pepper to taste

      Crush and mince the garlic. Spread half of garlic onto the crust of
      each pizza. Spread a thin layer of pizza sauce, or your favorite
      spaghetti sauce, on top of the pizza. Chop the veggie bacon and put
      in pan over medium heat with a small amount of oil (to prevent
      sticking). Chop the onion, mushrooms and tomatoes. Top pies with the
      veggies, and then with crisp bacon. Grate cheese substitute finely
      over the pizza.

      Bake at 425 degrees for 12-15 minutes. If the cheese substitute isn't
      as gooey as you like it, place under the broiler on high for 60
      seconds to finish the melting process.

      Remove from oven and sprinkle with fresh or dried organic basil and
      several cranks of freshly ground pepper.


      * Organic pesto sauce with organic slivered sweet onions, organic
      slivered red potatoes and organic black beans. Sprinkle with Vegan
      Gourmet Parmesan Cheese Alternative.

      * Organic hummus with fresh organic spinach, organic bell peppers,
      organic sun-dried tomatoes and assorted diced organic olives.
      Sprinkle with fresh organic basil and salt.

      Makes two 10-inch pizzas

      Source: Recipe by Sarah Smith

      [From: Pacific Daily News, Guam]
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