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Volunteers Needed For The Expo for the Artist & Musician: This Saturday!

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  • rojony57
    Dear Volunteers, The San Francisco Vegetarian Society is having a table this Saturday at The Expo for the Artist & Musician and we need the help of you
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2007
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      Dear Volunteers,

      The San Francisco Vegetarian Society is having a table this Saturday
      at The Expo for the Artist & Musician and we need the help of you
      wonderful volunteers.

      Before or after your shift, you will have the opportunity to see some
      talented members of the local arts community, either on stage or at
      their booths.

      We need your support to promote our vegetarian cause. We need
      volunteers to man our table, promote a plant-based diet, meet new
      people, promote our World Veg Festival Weekend and more. This
      is a one day event. You can volunteer as much as you want for the
      allotted time. It is all up to you. You will really enjoy this one.

      The following is the schedule of our volunteer needs:

      September 15, Saturday
      11 am - 2 pm 2 volunteers needed.
      2 pm - 6 pm 2 volunteers needed
      Free Admission Included!

      If doing the complete 2 PM to 6 PM shift is too long for you, three
      or two hours will work!

      We need 2 volunteers per shift. Please register early so we will know
      our bandwidth. You will enjoy meeting new people. The people you will
      meet are very friendly at this festive occasion. If you need
      coaching, you will be trained to meet new people. They normally come
      to our table for our fliers, vegetarian starter kits, membership to
      SFVS, pamphlet on the restaurant guide in the Bay area.

      Sept. 15 @ SomArts, 934 Brannan St., SF, 11am-6pm

      Independent Arts & Media presents the Eighth Annual Expo for the
      Artist & Musician, kicking off on MONDAY, Sept. 10, and running clear
      through SATURDAY, Sept. 15, with a uniquely diverse array of events,
      workshops, screenings, panels, connections and a colossal showcase of
      local-arts organizations.

      -- 80+ EXHIBITORS, Sept. 15: A uniquely diverse array of
      organizations: Arts services, culture & community, education, film &
      video, music, performance, publishing/media, SF mayoral candidates,
      venues/spaces, visual arts & youth.
      -- A FULL DAY OF WORKSHOPS & PANELS, Sept. 15, Sea chanteys,
      intellectual property & licensing, LPFM and Internet radio, black
      disabled art history, science fiction writing, burlesque and more!
      -- THE THIRD COMMUNITY ARTS SHOWCASE, Sept. 15: Live outdoor stage
      featuring an open mic, plus Hobogoblins, 123 Not It!, Esmerelda
      Strange, Chelle! & Friends, The Pasties, Radius/The Southern Ocean,
      924 Gilman Street/Alternative Music Foundation
      Alternative Tentacles Records
      ArtSpan/SF Open Studios
      Bay Area Country Dance Society
      Bay Area English Regency Society
      Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC)
      Broccoli Blue Children's Arts Journal
      Brush Fire Painting Workshops
      California Lawyers for the Arts
      Center For Cultural Innovation**
      CHELLE! and Friends**
      Colored Ink Theater***
      Community Access Ticket Service***
      Community Music Center
      CounterCorp Anti-Corporate Film Festival**
      CPMC Beyond Medicine
      Czechmate Entertainment**
      Destiny Arts Center***
      Dodgy Rock'n'Roll Photography
      Filthmilk Huge Conglomerate Media Holdings
      Flash Productions
      The Foundation Center
      Frank Bette Center for the Arts
      FullCalendar Event Promotions Service
      Graphic Arts Workshop***
      Hyphen Magazine: Asian America Unabridged
      The Independent Eye***
      Intersection for the Arts
      Jewish Community Center of SF -- Eugene & Elinor Friend Center for
      the Arts***
      Joshua Pfeffer Graphic Design**
      Katabatik Metacommunications Platform***
      Kearny Street Workshop
      Living Redwood Arts Residency**
      Madhappys Free Comix Newspaper
      Manic D Press
      Media Alliance
      ME\'D1.ATE Network: The.ME.Project, Project>Soundwave
      Mission Arts Foundation
      Mission Community Council -- Plaza 16 Project**
      Mission Creek Music & Arts Festival
      MYID Pre-Paid Legal Services**
      The New Institute**
      The Network of Bay Area Worker's Cooperatives**
      The Nocturnes Night Photography Group
      North American Guqin Association**
      Olao Records**
      On The Outskirts Race & Disability / Poor Magazine**
      Pandora's Trunk**
      Performer Magazine
      Pirate Cat Radio**
      Planet Drum Foundation
      Pollinator: Material & Human Resources for Local Arts
      The Present Group**
      Re/Search Publications
      SF Center for the Book***
      SF Children's Art Center
      SF Indie Fest -- Independent Film Festival**
      SF International Arts Festival
      -- Quintin Mecke
      -- Michael Powers
      -- "Chicken" John Rinaldi
      -- Josh Wolf
      SF Media Archive
      SF Recycling & Disposal Artist in Residence Program***
      SF Sex Worker Festival
      SF Songwriter's Coalition
      SF Vegetarian Society
      SF Women Artists
      SF Women's Film Festival
      Teaching Intermedia Literacy Tools (TILT)***
      Theatre Bay Area
      Trash Mash-Up**
      Vibraphone Records**
      Visual Aid
      World Savvy
      Women's Audio Mission***

      Please email me at rojony57@... to volunteer at the San
      Francisco Vegetarian Society table.

      Thank you so much wonderful members and volunteers !

      I am looking forward to hear from you.

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