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Invitation to attend spiritual company with a Great Yogi -Alekh Giri From Himalaya

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  • Mahendra aka Briksha
    Dear Friend, RAYS (Raw Food and Yoga Support) invites you to attend a few days of Satsangh (spiritual company) with a Great Yogi by the name of Alakh Giri. He
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2007
      Dear Friend,
      RAYS (Raw Food and Yoga Support) invites you to attend a few days of Satsangh (spiritual company) with a Great Yogi by the name of Alakh Giri. He is visiting us from the Himalayan Region, and he will bless us with his Grace, knowledge and love. He is a master of breath, Kundalini yoga, pantajali yoga sutra and Sri Vidhya-ascending and descending aspect of Divine
      energies which meet in our hearts and help us to be more clear, loving and peaceful.

      Please see below for more information. We hope to see you there.

      Yoga Society of San Francisco
      2872 Folsom St.@24Th St. (close to 24th Street Bart Station)
      ~This week only~
      Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday (11th, 12th, and 13th of September)
      and Friday morning (time and place will be announced later)

      By Donation: $0.00-$108.00

      His Holiness Mahamandeleshwar Swami Alakh Giri ji
      is a well accomplished sage in Gujarat , India . He met his Guru at the age of 7. He started practicing spirituality at tha age of 7 under the guidance of his Guru Swami Amrit Giri who was known to be incarnation of Dattatrey, the,the trinity God at Girnar . Shree Alakh Giri was practicing higher and secret yogis tradition in order to be in direct commune with Dattatrey, Nava Nath like Gorakhnath, Bhutanath, Bhairavanath etc. He met many Siddhas at Girnar. His Guru sent him to Himalaya when he was 14 years young to meet, the great Saint Baba Swami Sarveshwaranda who is now 650 years of age. He got higher instruction and rare yogic knowledge from him. Babaji initiated him in very austere practice to achieve and realize the originated super pranic, ultra pure creative, spiritual and divine and primal energy power source(Ahya Shakti) traditionally know as Gayatri which unite and connect all living being in unity with independent unique characteristic in the universal law of
      dependent origination. After meditating on this divine power under the instructions and guidance of holy Babaji at the Sacred shrine in Kailass and Gangotri of Himalayan heights, he started distributing his vision and realization to the Spiritual adepts and practitioners with compassionate and loving heart. He later on spent 29 months in Kailash to practice very severe and strong Samadhi in order to realize the various derivatives of Divine energies and ultimate truth . He went to Himalayans 23 times to be with Siddhas (highly accomplished Yogies), to meditate, to receive higher spiritual teachings and knowledge.
      His teachings are very powerfull. He is very versed in all Vedic, Puranic, Upanishads, Brahma Sutra, Bhagawat Gita and other religious , philosophical, and spiritual literature.
      His teachings include yogic rare techniques of pranayama, Kundalini Yoga, Adwait vedant, Gayatri, Nirvikalp and Nirbij Samadhi Yoga. He emphasizes on Nobal conduct and spiritual discipline, healthy relationship, devotion, wisdom , knowledge and non attachment .He also teaches the science and meditational practice on Gayatri'

      Breathe, Smile and Awaken!!!


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