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Vegetarian Host family needed

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  • rojony57
    From: Dixie Mahy President of SFVS HOST FAMILIES NEEDED Youth for Understanding, one of the nation s oldest, largest and most respected international exchange
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2007
      From: Dixie Mahy
      President of SFVS


      Youth for Understanding, one of the nation's oldest, largest and most
      respected international exchange programs is looking for host
      families for the 2007-2008 school year. We are preparing to welcome
      students from over 50 countries around the world to communities in
      the US, including the student below, Emma. Create incredible memories
      for your family while giving a young person from another country the
      opportunity to learn about America. Through this exchange, everyday
      experiences take a new and exciting twist - American traditions gain
      deeper meaning as your family introduces them to your new son or
      daughter; a casual family chat about world events reveals new
      perspectives you may never have considered; the dinner table includes
      exotic new dishes as your exchange students cooks up a taste of home
      for all to sample. It's a great education and it's lots of fun too!
      Youth For Understanding host families represent diverse
      nationalities, occupations and religious backgrounds and live in
      cities, towns and rural areas. Our families embody the rich diversity
      of American culture and include: Empty Nesters, Couples with and
      without Children, Single People, Single Parents, Working Parents,
      Younger and Older Parents. As a host you will: Welcome your new son
      or daughter as a member of your family; Help your student adapt to
      your family and to US life and culture; and Provide a safe and loving
      home environment including a bed, a place to study and three meals a
      Students have their own personal spending money. To learn more
      about this opportunity, visit: www.yfu-usa.org or call 1-866-4-YFU-

      Emma, a 15 year old female from Sweden
      Emma is a happy and cheerful girl. Her favorite activity is
      participating in the circus, which is a community club. She rides the
      unicycle, participates in poi (fire twirling) and also coaches the
      youngest members of the circus club. Music is a major interest in
      Emma's life -- she taught herself to play the piano and bass guitar,
      and would like to continue practicing while on exchange. With her
      family, she enjoys going skiing and snowboarding. Emma's mother is an
      American and was an exchange student to Sweden in the 70s, which may
      explain Emma's excellent English skills. Emma is a well-traveled
      individual already, having taken trips to Greece, France, the
      Caribbean and US. Emma says, "During my year as an exchange student,
      I hope to grow as a person and get to know myself even better."

      Dixie Mahy
      President of SFVS
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