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good and cheap Chinese food in the Mission-Ming's

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  • sunny outdoors
    good and cheap Chinese food-Ming Fong Lam it s a hole in the wall, that serves good cheap food It s not busy cause there s $4 burritos competing business with
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2007
      good and cheap Chinese food-Ming Fong Lam

      it's a hole in the wall, that serves good cheap food

      It's not busy cause there's $4 burritos competing business with them.

      Their huge serving lunch plate special is less than $5. For dinner you can walk off for $7 per person.

      white rice is 60cents a bowl and that's unheard of. The rice is good, but too bad they don't serve brown rice.

      Their eco corn take-out containers will fall apart if you don't eat your food right away. (the heat kills it) Bring your own containers!

      Their food is not oily. Remind them to go easy on the oil to be sure. Fried rice and chow mein are the oilest entree. No msg served on the food.

      here's a fun review about the place


      the waitress is kind and helpful but in a reserved way

      Their lunch menu doesn't look veg friendly, but veggie folks love to order szehwan tofu with veggies (not on the menu)
      (Veggie Jenny loves this dish. She is the one who told me about the restaurant.)

      You order the tofu fried or not fried.

      Located on 24th Street between Bryant and Florida, next to La Palma which has the best fresh tortillas in town and with no preservatives.

      Tell her a vegetarian told you about the place.

      This is not the perfect place to eat, but the price is right for the great food.
      The place is dark but clean.

      sign, Sunny

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