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update from Air America program GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN

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    GO VEGAN with BOB LINDEN - now on Air America!!! GO VEGAN RADIO - a project of 501c3 International Humanities Center MeatFreeAmerica@yahoo.com 818-623-6477
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2007
      GO VEGAN with BOB LINDEN - now on Air America!!!

      GO VEGAN RADIO - a project of 501c3 International Humanities Center
      Donate online at www.GoVeganRadio.org
      or make checks payable to GO VEGAN RADIO and mail to
      po box 40246, San Diego, CA 92164
      $200,000 needed to cover annual production and distribution costs.
      Can you be one of 200 Make-It-Happen Vegans who can commit to raising
      $1,000 yourself?

      wanted: LISTENERS, DONORS, ADVERTISERS to support the first vegan
      program on a major network ever!!!

      Animal Liberation & Rights Human Health Vegetarianism &
      Food Environment Compassion
      Justice Peace

      25 Radio Stations Aired GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN Debut Last Week!
      June 30th show - 1st Air America broadcast, first vegan radio program
      on a major network ever - guest - PETA founder & president INGRID
      This week - July 7 show - FARM founder ALEX HERSHAFT with a touching
      interview on why surviving the holocaust compelled him to dedicate
      his life to factory farmed animal victims - and the upcoming Animal
      Rights Conference in LA July 19 - 23 at the Westin LAX - also -
      LAUREN ORNELAS from the Food Empowerment Project on an outrageous
      committee vote in the California legislature this past week to
      overturn over 3 decades of protections for kangaroos and allow their
      body parts to be sold (as soccer shoes for Adidas) in the state.
      Shame on kangaroo killing California Senators Calderon and Steinberg
      for moving California a step backward into the dark ages. How can you
      be proud of your lifetime of service as a legislator when your main
      accomplishment is "uh - I killed a lot of kangaroos"? Democrats
      Calderon and Steinberg prove Republicans don't have a monopoly on
      meanness. Please contact all members of the California State Assembly
      to prevent passage of SB 880 - the kangaroo killing bill - and demand
      that the Governor NOT sign it if the Assembly proves to be as
      collectively barbaric as those who have pushed it this far.
      Hear the show:
      stream at 11am-pacific time / 2pm-eastern time Saturdays at
      www.AirAmerica.com , where there's also a listing of all Air America
      radio station affiliates whom you can contact to find out when they
      broadcast the show.
      Radio stations running
      "GO VEGAN with BOB LINDEN" also stream live, so you can listen to
      them anywhere in the world. For example -

      Listen to "GO VEGAN with BOB LINDEN"
      -in South Florida: WINZ-AM-940, Saturday 2pm-eastern
      -in New York: WWRL-AM-1600, Saturday 10pm-eastern
      -in San Francisco: KQKE-AM-960, Sunday 9pm-pacific
      -in Los Angeles: KTLK-AM-1150, Sunday 11pm-pacific
      Consult your local station -
      XM Satellite broadcast begins July 14 - 10pm-eastern
      Visit the web page for GO VEGAN with BOB LINDEN
      at www.AirAmerica.com
      Program podcasts via Air America and also www.GoVeganRadio.com
      Archives at www.GoVeganRadio.com
      where you can make a tax-deductible donation on-line toward the
      $200,000 yearly commitment for production/and distribution costs
      required to present a voice in mainstream media for kindness to
      animals, improved human health, and environmental sustainability.
      This is the first show of its kind ever! Please help.

      You can also make checks payable to GO VEGAN RADIO and mail to PO Box
      40246, San Diego, CA 92164. Go Vegan Radio is a project of 501c3
      International Humanities Center
      Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You
      to all the wonderful caring people whose donations have made it
      possible to launch this project. We've raised almost $50,000 of the
      required $200,000 so our needs are ongoing - just like the animals'.
      Creative fundraising welcome!

      Advertise your vegan and cruelty-free products and serrvices, and
      please support those who have already decided to do so -
      AR Conference 2007
      Follow Your Heart Market & Cafe - Canoga Park
      O-Mega-Zen3 vegan omega 3 DHA
      Sublime Restaurant - Fort LauderdaleSunshine Burgers
      Truly Vegan Restaurant - Hollywood
      Vegan Gourmet Cheese Alternatives
      V-Dog vegan dog food

      Please be kind to animals - don't eat them, don't wear them - and you
      save the planet too!
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