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I have a vegetarian car

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  • sunny_outdoors
    With bumper stickers that says, My car is a Vegetarian And a bumper sticker with picture of a fuel pump and says Go Veggie Here s a great article from the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2007
      With bumper stickers that says, "My car is a Vegetarian"

      And a bumper sticker with picture of a fuel pump and says "Go Veggie"

      Here's a great article from the International Veg Union (IVU)

      We're Vegetarian - And So Is Our Truck!

      Coastalfields - http://www.coastalfields.com <http://www.coastalfields.com/>
      - is an IVU member. Its directors, Aaron Brachfeld and Mary Choate,
      submitted the following to IVU Online News.

      Our truck now eats vegetable oil and, like all vegetarians, will enjoy a
      longer, healthier life, will pollute less and be cheaper to feed.

      The oil prolongs the life of the engine and gets as good or better fuel
      efficiency. The oil does not release ANY nitrates, sulphates, lead or other
      pollution to the atmosphere: when the oil burns: the oil releases only
      sugar, water and carbon dioxide - with NO net carbon gain to the atmosphere
      (the carbon was eaten by a plant just the autumn before!). And, the oil
      costs more than 90% less than gasoline or diesel!

      We are farmers in Colorado, and raise fruits, vegetables, grains and oil
      crops, selling oil not only for food (it goes great with our produce) but
      for fuel. But even if you don't buy your oil from us or your local farmer,
      anyone can find cheap oil by recycling the waste oil from restaurants or by
      growing their own. It's very easy!

      If anyone wants information on how to convert their automobile to
      vegetarianism (cars, light trucks, heavy trucks, vans, tractors and, yes,
      even oil presses can all be converted), how to produce fruits, vegetables,
      grains or oil without ANY herbicide, pesticide or fertilizer, or how to
      purify restaurant oil or vegetable oil into fuel, we will teach them for


      Peace on Earth, love all Humans and Animals.

      sign, Sunny

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