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Exciting News!!! Air America, XM Satellite GO VEGAN starting June 30th

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    please forward to all lists and tell everybody!!!!!!! GO VEGAN RADIO 818-623-6477 MeatFreeAmerica@yahoo.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2007
      please forward to all lists and tell everybody!!!!!!!

      It's official!

      GO VEGAN with BOB LINDEN” to Debut on
      AIR AMERICA Network weekend of June 30 !!!


      First animal rights / vegan program in commercial radio becomes first program of its kind to air on major network radio stations nationwide, including WWRL-AM-1600 in New York, KTLK-AM-1150 in Los Angeles, XM Satellite, and Air America website streaming and podcast

      GO VEGAN RADIO is excited to announce that an agreement has just been reached with the AIR AMERICA Network to carry "GO VEGAN with BOB LINDEN" on a weekly basis for a full year. Finally, the animals
      have a voice of compassion coming to the media to advocate for kindness on their behalf, improved human health through complete vegetarianism, and environmental sustainability. The AIR AMERICA audience, already acquainted with the major problems of the day by the network's well-known and popular hosts "war, violence, world hunger, disease, energy crises, global warming, deforestation, resource depletion" will now have exposure to the most important solution for all of these to GO VEGAN!

      GO VEGAN with BOB LINDEN will also have greater exposure through five weekly 30 second commercial announcements on other AIR AMERICA programs, ten 60 second commercials during web broadcasts of other AIR AMERICA programs, and a banner ad and page on the AIR AMERICA website.

      Now, YOUR work begins. This is a grassroots group effort and you are being asked to do your share. GO VEGAN RADIO is now faced with a $200,000 annual expense for program production and distribution (and no, there is no salary in that figure).

      If you made a pledge to make a tax-deductible donation, please send it now.

      Make checks payable to GO VEGAN RADIO and mail to
      International Humanities Center,
      PO Box 923, Malibu, CA 90265

      You may also donate on-line at www.GoVeganRadio.org

      If you were only considering a donation until now, please now is the time to decide to do it. GO VEGAN RADIO has promised to deliver $50,000 to AIR AMERICA on June 23 and $33,000 every three months after that to cover production / distribution costs. It can’t be
      done without your tax-deductible donation NOW! If you pledged to be a make-it-happen vegan committed to raising $1000, please collect and send it now. All donations are important and appreciated - $10, $100, $1000, $10,000. The animals are asking you to get your checkbook now. Don't depend on others. There is no major corporate backing
      for this. This is totally motivated by a cause, and if you support the cause, then right now consider how many new vegans, how many new animal rights activists, how many healthier people, and how much healthier the environment could be - with mass exposure to our message and our facts. The animals would be the first to pay to have a program like this in the media. But they are already paying - with their lives - on factory and fur farms, in science-gone-mad research labs, in captive display and exploitational "entertainment", etc. When do they get heard? Right now, starting June 30th, if you write a check. PLEASE DO IT NOW!

      You can also support this incredible outreach opportunity by advertising your vegan and cruelty-free products and services. Rates start as low as $300. Advertising opportunities are very limited, with two of available ten already committed. Please email
      MeatFreeAmerica@... or call 818-623-6477 if interested in advertising.

      Thank you for showing your support for animals by supporting THE show for animals on AIR AMERICA "GO VEGAN with BOB LINDEN" coming the weekend of June 30th

      Please make checks payable to GO VEGAN RADIO and mail to International Humanities Center,
      PO Box 923,
      Malibu, CA 90265.

      You may also donate on-line at www.GoVeganRadio.org

      GO VEGAN RADIO is a project of
      501c3 International Humanities Center
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