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Stan Mahy’s SURPRISE Birthday Party-82 years young young!

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  • sunny_outdoors
    Stan Mahy s SURPRISE Birthday Party-82 years young young! Make your own Spring Roll party Mr. First Man / Gentleman (husband of the First Lady -Dixie)
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2007
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      Stan Mahy's SURPRISE Birthday Party-82 years young young!
      "Make your own Spring Roll" party

      Mr. First "Man"/"Gentleman" (husband of the First "Lady"-Dixie) also
      known as Mr. Dixie, of the SF Vegetarian Society

      Will be very happy and surprise to see you on

      Tuesday, March 27 at 6:30pm at

      Golden Era 2
      832 Clement St
      415 668 4888

      Vegan Menu:

      "Make your own Spring Roll" with Grill "Fish"-very special dish
      we will show you how to do this

      Vietnamese Spicy Sweet and Sour Soup
      Spicy potato "Chicken" Curry
      Spicy Gourmet "Chicken"
      Mixed Vegetable Tofu
      Saute Asparagus & Green Bean
      Thousand-layer Tofu Eggplant
      Vegetarian "Lamb" Claypot

      Brown Rice

      $17 includes dinner for "Stan" the vegan Ham
      pay at the restaurant

      The menu will not be too spicy since Stan doesn't doesn't like it too

      Please RSVP 415-273-5481, before Tuesday, March 27, 5pm
      Please also call to cancel

      If you are 100% for sure going to be there but will be late, we can
      save you some food.

      Feel free to order your own desserts, such as vegan ice cream and
      flan at the restaurant.

      Come join us celebrate with us!

      Shhhhhhh, it's a surprise
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