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Live Food Brunch - Pena Pachamama - Feb. 18th

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  • rojony57
    Raw Vegan Organic Brunch in North Beach - Sunday, 2/18 North Beach restaurant, Pena Pachamama will be hosting the 1st of their organic vegan brunches this
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2007
      Raw Vegan Organic Brunch in North Beach - Sunday, 2/18

      North Beach restaurant, Pena Pachamama will be hosting the 1st of
      their organic vegan brunches this Sunday, Feb. 18th. (one week from
      today) from 10:30am - 3:30pm. Raw food chef, Sam Lippman will be
      offering a menu of delicious and inventive raw/vegan tapas, served
      Dim Sum style. The majority of all fresh produce used will be
      purchased directly from organic growers at local farmer's markets the
      same weekend. The bar will feature chai with almond milk, delicious
      and refreshing smoothies and elixers, and cocktails. Please note:
      The meal will be prepared in a kitchen that serves meat and dairy
      during the week. The menu will also feature one non-vegetarian item,
      the house specialty, Bolivian Saltenas.

      There is a great deal of interest in this event, and Pena Pachamama
      will be accepting reservations to assure that everyone will get a
      table. Pena Pachamama is located at 1630 Powell Street in North
      Beach, between Union and Green. To learn more about Pena Pachamama
      and their other wonderful events and menus, please visit
      www.penapachamama.com. For reservations call: 415 646 0018

      We hope many of you will be able to come out and support healthful
      gourmet dining and sustainable food systems on Sunday. Please see
      our fantastic menu below:

      Raw Food Small Plates Brunch Menu

      Warm Chai $5
      With fresh almond milk. Sweetened with agave nectar
      Emerald Awakenings $5
      An invigorating and refreshing blend of Apple, Pear, Parsley, Mint,
      Ginger, Lemon
      Kiwi Mint Ginger Lemonade $5
      Apple Ginger Ale $6
      Fresh apple juice with ginger, agave nectar, lemon, and naturally
      sparkling water
      Fresh Orange Juice/Pomegranate Mimosa $7

      Small Soups, Salads, and Grains
      Butternut Squash Soup $5
      Cooked Butter nut squash soup seasoned with fresh citrus and herbs
      Warm Quinoa Bowl $5
      Quinoa cooked in coconut milk with coriander and mustard seeds
      Curried Cauliflower $5
      with raisins parsley and gogi berries
      Pineapple Kiwi Citrus Salad $5
      with fennel and mint
      Kale and Seaweed Salad $5
      with avocado and lemon-dulse dressing

      Small Plates
      Sunflower/flax Pumpernickel Bread $5
      Topped with pistachio/fennel/dill pate, fresh herb garnish and cherry
      Rainbow Root Rolls $5
      Colorful beets and radishes sliced paper-thin, rolled around a creamy
      sunflower/pine nut herb cheese
      Jicimas Bravas $5
      Fresh jicima with almond chili cream sauce
      Smoky Walnut Tacos $6
      Taco filling of walnuts, raw cacao, tamarind and Mexican spices with
      minced onion, fresh cilantro, avocado and cranberry/gogi berry salsa
      picante on 2 soft celery root tortillas
      Chile Rawlleno $6
      A soft ancho chili stuffed with savory pepita filling and smothered
      in an avocado/tomato sauce
      Pineapple Pizza $6
      Fresh Pineapple crust topped with sun-dried tomato marinaRaw sauce,
      fresh vegetable and herb garnish and nutty parmesan
      Enchiladitas Crudas $7
      Marinated collard green leaves filled with a fluffy almond/walnut
      queso fresco smothered in sun-dried tomato and chili enchilada sauce
      Coconut Avocado Mango Ceviche $7
      Young Thai coconut, mango and avocado marinated in citrus with fresh
      cilantro and onions on cucumber chips
      Bolivian Saltenas
      The house specialty Bolivian pastry. Beef or Vegetarian

      Raw Chocolate Truffles – Assorted Flavors $3/truffle
      Raw Vegan Green Tea Ice Cream $6
      with fresh mango
      CarRawmel Apples $6
      Granny Smith Apples with a raw vegan caramel dipping sauce
      Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes $7
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