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Share this quiet well-heated remodeled house with a fellow vegetarian!

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  • trevorlevine
    Hi there. I m a homeowner / copywriter / songwriter / vegetarian in his 30 s who works at home. I have an affectionate male cat named Friendly. I just
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2006
      Hi there. I'm a homeowner / copywriter / songwriter / vegetarian in
      his 30's who works at home. I have an affectionate male cat named

      I just renovated my house and am looking for two roommates. The house
      is stunning inside (beautiful hardwood floors, 10' ceilings, and a
      gourmet kitchen). And unlike many other roommate situations, it's
      clean, quiet, and warm (thanks to a brand new energy efficient furnace
      that serves all of the rooms).

      I've lived in a lot of roommate situations, and have found that it's
      best to be as upfront as possible about every aspect of living
      together. So here's the full rundown on what I'm offering...

      Your new location: 58th Street btwn MLK and Shattuck

      Halfway btwn the Ashby BART and Rockridge BART stations
      17 blocks from Berkeley Bowl
      7 blocks from the entrance to hwy 24

      Quiet street. Maccall is not a through street, so the only people who
      drive here are the neighbors. Most of the neighboring houses are
      owner-occupied. That means they're mature and stable people. It's not
      a transient neighborhood.

      Two room suite with private bathroom: $685

      Refinished hardwood floors
      10' high ceiling
      Your own large private sunny bathroom with tub
      Your main room is medium (150 SF)
      Your second room is small (35 SF) -- it's a large walkin closet with
      an active DSL hookup. Has it's own window and ceiling light. Can be
      used as a computer room, massage room, etc.
      Additional closet for your clothes
      Optional $800 queen size mattress if you need it

      Room with huge closet: $585

      Refinished hardwood floors
      10' high ceiling
      Your room is medium (135 SF)
      Bay window
      Huge closet with built in storage units and drawers
      Optional $800 queen size mattress if you need it

      Your new flat:

      Victorian features
      Refinished hardwood floors
      10' high ceilings
      Furnace that serves all rooms, so you'll never be cold.
      Off street parking
      Large yard with potential for gardening.
      Living room is fully furnished with sofa, TV, DVR, stereo

      Your new kitchen:

      Large remodeled kitchen with stainless steel appliances, gas stove,
      granite countertop, cherry cabinets, skylights, and a big pass-through
      window open to the living room.

      Kitchen is also equipped with a Vitamix, Multipure water filter,
      Cuisinart food processor, sprouter, and deyhdrator


      DSL $12/month

      Water: $17/month

      PG&E: $13-35Â… depending on the time of year and whether or not you use
      a blow dryer, toaster oven, etc. You can reduce your share of the
      heating bill by lowering the amount of heat blown into your room by
      the furnace.

      Housecleaner: $25-45/monthÂ… depending on how much you use the kitchen
      and living room, and whether or not you share the common bathroom

      Cable TV or satellite - TBD based on our mutual TV needs.

      Your new roommate:

      I'm a homeowner / copywriter / songwriter / vegetarian in his 30's who
      works at home.

      If you work a 9-5 job, that would be ideal. I work at home and need
      quiet... especially during weekdays up until 7pm. However, the walls
      around my room have been soundproofed, so you could play music room at
      a moderate level, and I wouldn't hear it.

      I am a vegetarian. I never fry or microwave food. I am very health
      oriented, so if I cook food at all, I steam or bake it.

      I'd most like to live with a health-conscious vegetarian. However, if
      you're a carnivore and we decide to live together, I'll ask that you
      order take-out food when you want flesh foods. If you want to
      *occasionally* cook fish/meat, I'm open to that, but I wouldn't want
      the house to smell like fried bacon every morning!

      I'd prefer not to have a microwave in the house, but that's negotiable.

      I'm a singer/songwriter and have a piano in the living room.
      Unfortunately, I'm so busy with my work that I only play / write /
      sing a few hours a week (at best). My songs are kinda like Billy
      Joel's, but more theatrical. If you're around when I'm playing, you'll
      definitely hear me, because the house is very reflective (hardwood
      floors, etc).

      I'm addicted to certain TV dramas (like 24, Lost, and Grey's Anatomy),
      so I watch TV for 1-2 hours on Sun Thurs nights.

      I prefer to have the TV in the living room, but am negotiable if that
      turns you off. If you watch moderate TV like me, or none at all,
      that's cool. However, if you have it on for hours every day, I'd ask
      you to keep it quiet and in your bedroom.

      I have a neutered indoor/outdoor male cat named Friendly. Another cat
      would be OK -- assuming they get along, and you use Advantage if
      necessary if your cat starts to get fleas.

      I try to work as many billable hours as I can (writing ad copy). If I
      spend time doing errands, house cleaning, making food, or anything
      like that, it actually costs me... because I'm losing billable hours.
      So I delegate as much as I can.

      My assistant has an office that's detached from our house, but she
      comes in to use the bathroom and have short meetings with me (in my

      Barter potential:

      This is totally optional, but if you want to provide any of the
      following services, I'm open to reducing your rent in exchange. Once
      we agree on a rate, I'd pay you by the hour.

      Landscape design
      Preparing food and/or cleaning up
      Domestic chores
      Running errands
      Handiman / fixup stuff

      If you feel we'd be compatible, please email me to schedule an
      appointment. If you'd want to barter for part of your rent (which is
      totally optional), please let me know what service(s) you could
      provide. Thanks a lot.

      If you'd like to see the house on a weeknight or weekend, please email
      me at least two times when you're available to see it. If you're free
      around lunch time, Trevor is showing the house every weekday (Mon -
      Fri) at 12:30pm sharp, no appointment necessary.

      The address is 5740 Maccall St #C, at the corner of 58th St. It's the
      second floor of a big two story house. Coming from Berkeley, take
      Shattuck south and turn right on 58th St. Go exactly one block. It's
      the green house on the near left corner.

      Coming from hwy 24, take the MLK/51st St exit. Bear right towards 51st
      St. Once you're on 51st, immediately get in your left hand lane and
      turn left on Shattuck. Go about ten blocks. Turn left on 58th St. Go
      exactly one block. It's the green house on the near left corner.
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