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Remembering Vegetarian Pioneer s – Henry S. Salt & Ernest Bell

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    Full article posted here - http://www.happycow.net/blog/?p=5665 Excerpt - Henry S. Salt & the Henry S. Salt Archive Henry S. Salt was a noted ethical
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      Full article posted here - http://www.happycow.net/blog/?p=5665

      Excerpt - 

      Henry S. Salt & the Henry S. Salt Archive

      Henry S. Salt was a noted ethical vegetarian, anti-vivisectionist, socialist, and pacifist.

      He is credited with being the first writer to argue explicitly in favour of animal rights, in his Animals’ Rights: Considered in Relation to Social Progress (1894), rather than focusing on improvements to animal welfare. He wrote: “If we are ever going to do justice to the lower races, we must get rid of the antiquated notion of a ‘great gulf’ fixed between them and mankind, and must recognize the common bond of humanity that unites all living beings in one universal brotherhood.” - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Stephens_Salt

      For many years a group of friends have been actively building up the archive of Henry S. Salt’s writings at –http://www.henrysalt.co.uk – it is now time to further build up the Ernest Bell related sections.

      Ernest Bell

      Ernest Bell – ~ …gave much of his time to administration and fund-raising for three main reform causes: vegetarianism, humanitarianism, and animal welfare. Bell’s fervency, family wealth, and publishing background made him an effective organizer. He became the honorary secretary of the Hampstead branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and was later chairman of the Anti-Vivisection Society. At various times he was on the governing councils of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the National Canine Defence League, the Cat’s Protection League, the Pit-Ponies Protection Society, and the Anti-Bearing-Rein Association. He was in particular a main force behind the Animals’ Friend Society (founded 1834). Twenty-two separate societies joined in giving him a lifetime award in 1929 in recognition of his work for animal causes. He was also an early member of the Humanitarian League, which had close connections with the Vegetarian Society; he became vice-president of the Vegetarian Society in 1896, and finally its president in 1914, a long tenure which only ended with his death in 1933. ~ (1)

      The Ernest Bell Library

      In 1934 Henry S. Salt originally suggested the establishment of the Ernest Bell Library as a fitting memorial to him. In this Library the literature of vegetarianism and all the other humanitarian movements in which Mr. Bell was so deeply interested would be collected and made available.

      The Ernest Bell Library’s primary objectives are to:

      • Collect all of Ernest Bell’s book & non-book works and make them easily accessible to everyone.
      • Collect the literature of vegetarianism and all the other humanitarian movements in which Ernest. Bell was so deeply involved.
      • Assist students and scholars in their research.
      • Introduce, very briefly, all aspects of Ernest Bell’s life, including his writings, campaign work, influences and his circle of friends.
      • To undertake our own research into missing aspects of Ernest Bell’s life and work.

      It is time for the library to go online.

      There are currently more than 1,200 items in the library & archives.

      We already have more than 200 pieces of Ernest Bell’s own writings.

      Additional items are being continuously added.

      We are inviting wider collaboration – please contact us to discuss - humanitarianleague@...

      We are launching crowd-funding projects to allow us to acquire additional items & to systematically reprint items.

      Read more about Ernest Bell & the Library here - http://www.henrysalt.co.uk/friends/ernest-bell/

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