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Learn the secret to raw diet ease with Stacy

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  • Mahendra aka Briksha
    Dear Rawfood Enthusist If you re like many health seekers in my tribe you might struggle with the question if a raw diet is supposed to be so great for me why
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2013
      Dear Rawfood Enthusist

      If you're like many health seekers in my tribe you might struggle with the question "if a raw diet is supposed to be so great for me why is it so darn difficult?"
      That's why I'm so excited to tell you about a free teleclass my friend Stacy is hosting soon called "5 Simple Strategies to Nix Your Cooked Food Cravings ... Before They Happen." This class will be held on Thursday, August 8th at 12 p.m. PT / 3 p.m. ET. Click here to reserve your spot: http://www.nixyourcookedfoodcravings.com/Briksha
      Stacy tried for years to transition to a high raw diet by, as she says, “hyper-focusing on nutritional data and by resisting urges by sitting on my hands,” an approach that wasn’t very helpful (maybe you’re familiar with it!). She then changed her approach by using scientifically proven techniques for minimizing cravings and maximizing self control that helped her finally break through the struggle and find joy in her diet.
      And here's the big secret: many of these best strategies have nothing to do with food! Instead they focus on designing the rest of your lifestyle to fit with your dietary goals and a supportive mindset. Once you have this strategic foundation in place you can craft the abundant lifestyle you want. You diet can then work synergistically to support your higher purpose which I can assure you is NOT to worry about your diet constantly.
      oin Stacy as my guest for this free teleclass and learn:
      • How to use the biology of willpower to stop temptation in its tracks.
      • What your brain really thinks about food cravings, and how to manage them with raw living food, superfoods, and superherbs.
      • The top mindset mistakes that sabotage a raw food lifestyle and how to shift them.
      • The 3 habits you need in order to control your whims and urges.
      • How to instantly reduce your cravings to turn would-be sabotage into triumph.
      • The number one long-term strategy to boost your self-control so you consistently achieve your goals.
      Here's the link again to register for this free paradigm-shifting class:
      If you're ready to finally cracked the code on making a raw diet easy, join me on the call on Thursday, August 8th at 12 noon Pacific.

      P.S.  Making lifestyle changes is easier with friends! if you have friends who might be interested in the free teleclass class feel free to send them this link, but be sure to reserve your spot first: http://www.nixyourcookedfoodcravings.com/Briksha
      many blessings

      Mahendra Agarwal Aka Briksha
      Conscious Breathing and Eating Guide


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