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Yes on Prop 522: Label GMO

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  • Joseph Cadiz
    ... Last year this time, you were fighting fiercely for a GMO labeling law in California. Whether you lived in California or Florida or somewhere in between,
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      Last year this time, you were fighting fiercely for a GMO labeling law in California. Whether you lived in California or Florida or somewhere in between, you knew that this fight was much bigger than passing one law in California.
      The Prop 37 battle was a national fight for consumers’ basic right to know and you helped lead the way! 
      Today, our friends in Washington State are just as fiercely engaged in the same fight. And they need our help. Can you make a donation today to help pass I-522, a citizens’ initiative to label GMOs in Washington State? Any amount you can afford will help us reach our goal to raise $150,000 by July 31, so we can reach voters who might otherwise hear only the lies and propaganda being broadcast by our deep-pocketed opponents.
      You can donate through Food Democracy Now! or through the Organic Consumers Association. All donations will go directly to the Yes on I-522 campaign. (FDN and OCA were members of the Prop 37 steering committee, and are also members of the I-522 steering committee).
      You know who we're up against. The same profit-driven corporate giants who dumped millions into California to narrowly defeat Prop 37 have now set their sights on Washington voters. They will run a costly, far-reaching, deceptive and misleading campaign. Just as they did in California.

      But we can beat them this time. If we all stand together.
      Momentum is on our side, as are Washington’s farmers, fishermen and consumers. Besides, when you’re right, you don’t give up. After all, how many years did it take to win the vote for women? To pass the civil rights law? To get warning labels on cigarettes? Those battles were won, because people like you didn't give up.
      What happened last year in California is a lesson in the power of grassroots movement-building, marketplace pressure and not giving up. Because you rallied around Prop 37, you inspired groups in more than 30 other states to work together toward statewide GMO labeling laws. Just recently, Connecticut and Maine passed the country’s first GMO labeling laws.
      The victories in Connecticut and Maine are big steps forward. But we need a win in Washington in November to force labeling on a national scale, so we can finally have what consumers in 64 other countries have: the right to know what's in our food.
      Please help us raise $150,000 by July 31, so we can show Monsanto and the Junk Food Giants that consumers are in this fight until we win it.
      You can donate online, or by phone or mail, through the OCA. Details here. To donate through FDN click here.
      Thank you!
      - from the Prop 37 Steering Committee
      P.S. Prop 37 brought together consumers from every state in the nation, and built unprecedented momentum for GMO labeling laws. Don't let the momentum die. Please join us in supporting I-522, and showing Monsanto and Big Food that we will not be defeated!

      Yes on Prop 37 · Paid for by Yes on 37 For Your Right to Know if Your Food Has Been Genetically Engineered - Supported by Consumer Advocates Makers of Organic Products and California Farmers, Major funding by Mercola Health Resources LLC and Organic Consumers Fund. 5940 College Ave, Suite F , Oakland, CA 94618, United States 

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