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Half Day Vegan Business Retreat on July 20th

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  • Dixie Mahy
    VEGAN BUSINESS RETREAT - July 20, 2013 ... VEGAN BUSINESS RETREAT - July 20, 2013 From: Bee Subject: Half Day Vegan Business Retreat
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      VEGAN BUSINESS RETREAT - July 20, 2013
      From: Bee <beeblissful@...>
      Subject: Half Day Vegan Business Retreat on July 20th

      Hi Dixie,

      Please post this to the yahoo group. Thank you so much!

      Much love,

      Healing is Giving (members of VIBE Resource Group) is hosting a retreat

      BeeSimple@ Half-Day Vegan Business Retreat
      for vegan for profit and non-profit business owners and professionals

      + Vegan Business Community Building with Award-Winning Business Consultant, Eileen Harrington

      + Vegan Lunch by Vegan Chef Stephanie Gagne

      + Guided Meditations and Self-Care Tips for Business Owners by Bee Uytiepo, Author of the forthcoming book, "Vegan Meditations"

      + and more!

      The cost is $30 per participant and is all-inclusive.
      Reserve your spot here: http://healingisgivinghalfdaybusinessretreat.eventbrite.com/

      For more information, email: healingisgiving@...

      SimpleBee@ Vegan Retreats - featuring Eileen Harrington

      Eileen Harrington, Vegan

      An award winning consultant, Eileen specializes in working with individuals who are leading nonprofits, small businesses, education programs and start-ups. She has over 25 years of experience in nonprofit management and consulting, social work, as well as many years of doctoral work in ecology, environment and animal studies. Teaching courses at University of California, Berkeley and University of San Francisco, her passion for education and advocacy is found both in the classroom and in the community. Some of her clients and advocacy work have included: Four Feet Forward, Compassionate Living Outreach: Sonoma County Vegan Society, Sonoma County Animal Sanctuary, Darwin Animal Doctors, Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, Northern California Animal Advocates Coalition and Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project.

      Stephanie Gagne, Vegan

      After training in some of Dallas’s top restaurants, baking at 8,500’ in Vail, Colorado and working as a pastry sous chef at a Two-Michelin Star restaurant in the Bay Area, Stephanie utilized her familiarity with food intolerances and allergies to create Simplecare Products, an allergen and cruelty-free line of skin care products. A portion of sales are donated to supported animal rights nonprofits. She is an organizer for Wine Country Vegan Business Empowerment, VIBE Resource Group and Healing is Giving.

      Bee Uytiepo, Vegan

      Author of the forthcoming book, "Vegan Meditations" Trained in meditation all over the world, Bee has taught meditation throughout California for over a decade. A highly skilled massage therapist, she performs myofascial release, unwinding, deep tissue, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, fertility, prenatal, palliative and oncology massage in her private practice, Beelight. As a Certified Mercier Therapist, trained directly by Dr. Jennifer Mercier, Bee optimizes women’s pelvic health. She contributes a percentage of her sessions and retreat profits to women-in-need & animal advocacy organizations. She is an organizer for Marin Vegans, VIBE Resource Group and Healing is Giving.

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