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UPDATE: GMO Activities

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  • Joseph Cadiz
    From: Label GMOs SF ... From: Label GMOs SF Subject: A Newsletter!! – Picnic news, July 4th march,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2013

      From: Label GMOs SF <labelgmossf@...>

      Subject: A Newsletter!! – Picnic news, July 4th march, articles, committee meetings, information, links, and more

      Hello Friends of Labelgmossf!

      It's time for sweetcorn, tomatoes, peaches and all good things of summer!  You can join a 4th of July Moms Across America March in Alameda!  See the newsletter for information, maps and links.  (Open the .jpg version for links. There are .jpg and .pdf versions attached.)

      Come out to Dolores Park on Sunday, July 21 and join us for a picnic gathering - just eat, recreate, and enjoy!  

      Join us next Monday to plan our autumn Greater Good Food Films.  And/or come to our general meeting on Tuesday.  See the notices in the newsletter.

      There's a great conference coming up in August in Seattle called 'Justice Begins With Seeds'!  If you want to join others from the Bay Area and head north for a few days, we can help you organize a group.  See the newsletter for more information and links.

      These and other activities, information, and invitations are included in the attached newsletter - complete with live links.  Please take a look at the .pdf version and tell us what you think.  (the jpg versions won't have live links)  

      We would love to get this into a better format and put it out more regularly.  If you would like to help e-publish a newsletter, let us know.  We would love your help!

      San Francisco Regional Coordinators:
          Ben Pittenger
          Monica Lopez

      Label GMOs: Its Our Right To Know

      Please "Like" us on Facebook: on.fb.me/LabelGMOsSF
      Please follow us on Twitter: Label_GMOs_SF

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