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FW: Little girl scolds McDonald's CEO

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  • arlen baden
    Little girl scolds McDonald s CEO Yahoo!7 May 25, 2013, 11:54 am Nine-year-old Hannah Robertson gave McDonald s CEO Don Thompson quite the grilling at the
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      Little girl scolds McDonald's CEO

      Yahoo!7 May 25, 2013, 11:54 am
      Nine-year-old Hannah Robertson gave McDonald's CEO Don Thompson quite the grilling at the company's shareholder meeting this week.
      Accusing the fast food giant of 'tricking' kids into eating junk food, Robertson lambasted the taken-aback CEO, who was forced to defend his companies offerings.
      "Something that I don't think is fair is when big companies try to trick kids into eating food that isn't good for them by using toys and cartoon characters," Robertson read from a prepared statement.
      Hannah Robertson. Photo: Corporate Accountability International

      "If parents haven't taught their kids about healthy eating then the kids probably believe that junk food is good for them because it might taste good.
      "Mr. Thompson, don't you want kids to be healthy so they can live a long and happy life?"
      Thompson rebutted the girl's claims, saying, "first off, we don't sell junk food.
      "My kids also eat McDonald's," he went on to say.
      "When they were about your size, to my son who is with us today, who was a little bit bigger, he was a football player, and also they cook with me at home. I love to cook. We cook a lot of fruits and veggies at home."
      Thompson elaborated on several measures the company had taken to improve the nutritional content of its offerings, such as introducing affordable salads and non-fat milk products.
      On a blog written by Hannah and her mother, Today I Ate a Rainbow, Kia Robertson said the pair's trip was not about "making parents feel bad about feeding their kids McDonald’s food".
      "We are asking that they stop going after our kids so that parents can raise and feed their children without having to deal with the Pester Power that companies like McDonald’s love to encourage," she said.
      Most commenters on the blog praised Hannah's stance, with one saying, "it takes guts to face down one of the world’s biggest corporations... Don’t listen to detractors. You two are doing the real work and this message is so important."
      A commenter identified as Patrick was not so glowing, however, saying: "I’m all about your message but it's obvious you coached your child on exactly what to say to the CEO of McDonalds.
      "This tactic of using children to garner emotional capital for your cause is no different than McDonalds’ advertising tactics. Shame on you."
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