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Amazing kickstarter project by a fellow vegan

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  • Karine Brighten
    Link to kickstart program: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1892663505/reuse-because-you-cant-recycle-the-planet-document (only 3 more days to go!) ...
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2013

      (only 3 more days to go!)

      Alex Eaves
      Hi Alex!
      If you are one of the many who have backed our documentary project, thank you! And if you forward this email to others who might be interested, that would be amazing and greatly appreciated.

      If you haven't backed the documentary project yet, this is just a friendly reminder.

      This summer, I am (hopefully) going to be traveling around the USA, filming a documentary about reuse, including events to showcase STAY VOCAL. Instead of getting a loan, I decided to try to fund the project with Kickstarter, so members of our community, like you, could be a part of making it happen.

      At the time of writing this, we're close to reaching the funding goal, but there are only 4 days left. For as little as $1.00, you can be an official backer!
      And there are so many great rewards for different pledges, including custom DVDs, your name mixed into a T-Shirt design, skateboard art, parts in the documentary, and even private T-Shirt parties!  

      I'm ready to go out and show the world how our reuse apparel and reusing in general can create huge positive change. Please consider backing this project so we can do this together and win one for all of us and our planet!

      On behalf of all of my amazing cohorts, Thank You and I hope to see you on the road! 





      Green America Seal

      PO BOX 316 / NORWELL, MA 02061 USA 
      STAY VOCAL | PO Box 316 | Norwell | MA | 02061

      Alex Eaves
      ReUse Pro

      PO Box 316
      Norwell, MA 02061

      Karine Brighten

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