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March Against Monsanto, San Francisco

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  • Dixie Mahy
    MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO, San Francisco ... MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO, San Francisco From: Label GMOs SF Art! Music! Speakers! March!
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 2013
      From: Label GMOs SF <labelgmossf@...>

      Art!  Music!  Speakers!  March!  Rally!  …  AND YOU!  
      First Amendment at its Finest.  

      If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito - African Proverb

      It’s time to make a buzz.  Or better yet, a ROAR!
      May 25: March Against Monsanto & Rally
      Gather: 11:00 am - Union Square
      March: 12:00 noon - From Union Square to Ferry Plaza
      Rally: Ferry Plaza
      How you can help:

      FIRST - find out more by joining the March Against Monsanto, San Francisco, facebook page  (Or, if you don’t want to join a fb page, get back to us and let us know you want to get involved.)  And you can log on to the main  website to see what it's all about and share with everyone you know. (downloadable flyers available)

      PUBLICITY - Help us get the word out, and bring people to the March/Rally.  Ideas:
      1. Participate in Bay to Breakers and wear a T-shirt or sign for the March/Rally.  Or show up at the run with a banner, or distribute literature.  Contact Monica at:  mmmonica.lopez@...  or  415-424-9413
      2. Hand out flyers at any event between now and 5/25. You can contact us for literature, or go to the fb page and download images to print.  Or contact Monica.
      3. Gather your friend and motivate them via social media.  Come as a group!
      1. Get involved in a committee for the March/Rally.
        1. Help with organizing/planning - contact Monica (see above)
        2. Non-Violent Direct Action training & First Response Training.  (see discussion on events link of the facebook page or contact us for further information)
        3. Print and hand out flyers at work, at play, at church, at an event, etc.  See the Files link on the facebook page or contact us for further information.
        4. Make posters/signs to carry - get friends together and be creative.
        5. Talk it up!
        6. Be there!  Bring your friends, bring your kids, bring your voice.
      San Francisco Regional Coordinators:
          Ben Pittenger
          Liz Kroboth
          Monica Lopez

      Label GMOs: Its Our Right To Know

      Please "Like" us on Facebook: on.fb.me/LabelGMOsSF
      Please follow us on Twitter: Label_GMOs_SF

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