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farmed salmon causing problems for wild salmon...

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  • sunny outdoors
     HIGHTLIGHTS of  1 hr documentary on wild salmon
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2013
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       HIGHTLIGHTS of  1 hr documentary on wild salmon


      here are highlights since many people don't have time to watch the entire video
      you might want to just listen to the video which is the normal frustration trying to get the government to do their work, which they are PAID to do

      ~19 min  ISA is a flu which is spread by close quarters

      ~19 min agency in charge of mad cow and salmon are the same crazy industry.   ISA caused 20 billion dollars in damages in Chili

      ~20 min  ISA virus found in wild salmon . ISA is  "deadly flu" in salmon

      ~ 50 diseases from FARM ANIMALS are the BIGGEST cause of infectious disease on HUMANS
      ~ 54 currently 3 deadly salmon diseases are found on  British Columbia's salmon
      ~58 Bill 37, might pass which makes it a crime to report animal problems

      sign, Sunny

       Human hunger: Did you know..."More than 90% of soybeans, 80% of corn and 70% of grain grown in the US goes to feed livestock! 800 million more people could be fed if the grain fed to livestock was used to feed people." (David Pimentel, Professor of Entomology, Cornell University.)
      we lost to Monsanto and Dupont, but we are going to get smarter in getting rid of of u in our bodies
      farm fishing is bad in many ways
      and there's not enough wild salmon or fish to go around....in 10 years!
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