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Swallows still being killed! ALDF needs your help to save Petaluma swallows

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  • Judith Gottesman
    ** [image: Animal Legal Defense Fund] Dear Judith, Have you have seen this in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2013

      Animal Legal Defense Fund

      Dear Judith,

      Have you have seen this in the news or driving on the 101 in Sonoma County? Migrating swallows caught in underpass netting, struggling for their lives:

      Are you upset by U.S. DOT, Caltrans, and contractor C.C. Myers using construction netting under U.S. 101 bridges in Petaluma that traps and kills Cliff Swallows?

      This year, the most harrowing part of the Cliff Swallows’ 6000 mile journey from South America to Petaluma is their final destination. Intending to build their summer home, over one hundred Cliff Swallows have flown inside the construction netting under the bridges, and counting. Once there, they become trapped, panic, and die of over exhaustion and dehydration.

      Don’t let government agencies ignore federal animal protection laws right in our backyard! Please contact Danny Lutz at dlutz@... if you:

      • Have visited the Cliff Swallow colonies at the Petaluma River and Lakeville Overpass Bridges
      • Plan to visit the Cliff Swallows again
      • Want the government agencies and their contractor to take down the netting

      For the animals,

      Stephen Wells

      Stephen Wells
      Executive Director
      Animal Legal Defense Fund

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      Judith Gottesman, MSW
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