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Re: [SFVS] Elementary School Cafeteria Goes Vegetarian

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  • Maynard S. Clark
    One journalist commented that the program and the food need to be enjoyed and liked! The CAN be liked and enjoyed, but since that is not guaranteed by the
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      One journalist commented that 'the program and the food need to be enjoyed and liked!'
      The CAN be liked and enjoyed, but since that is not guaranteed by the mere shift from animal-source foods to plant-based foods, efforts must be made there, and oversight must provide a means of developing information re: ongoing compliance with all the priorities of roll'out (implementation):
      • improved nourishment
      • student satisfaction (need not be first priority, nor decisions made entirely on unschooled preferences, but that must be a factor overseers would monitor)
      • cost - short-term, medium-range, long-term
      • worker satisfaction and understanding (some workers can be told what to do and not understand what's happening or why they're doing something, and that confounds outcomes).
      Tufts Vegetarian Society (undergraduate campus in Medford MA) used to put up informational table tents' periodically (Earth Week, WVD, etc.) to education undergraduate diners WHILE they were eating.

      The VIDEO showed an alternative approach, JAMMING more vegetables into the meat dishes so that students would get 'nutrient-dense' foods when they selected meat (because meat isn't a source of necessary phytonutrients.  That (understandably) gave ME very mixed feelings.  Could there be education about WHY?

      A departmental meeting today(at lunchtime) talked about how the WHO and World Bank rolled out programs that weren't fully evidence-based (though they had the evidence base) and often rolled out programs contrary to, or not using, the available evidence.  Is that ever justifiable?

      What if the students WERE educated about (a) meat for taste and student demand, with a sociological approach to THEIR FOOD TASTES (deconstructing food tastes, not marriage and fidelity and sexuality), and (b) showing that the vegetables were added for the phytonutrients?

      Would students BALK at the added sources of necessary nutrients?

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      I made an appt. to see the principal

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      Subject: [SFVS] Elementary School Cafeteria Goes Vegetarian


      Elementary School Cafeteria Goes Vegetarian

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