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Re: Review of Lotus Chaat restaurant

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  • sunny_outdoors
    Judith posted the latest news that they NO longer offer veggie buffet. Currently it s still all veg menu..... while meat eaters stomp out of restaurant on a
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 24, 2013
      Judith posted the latest news that they NO longer offer veggie buffet.

      Currently it's still all veg menu.....
      while meat eaters stomp out of restaurant on a daily basis....

      --- In SFVeg@yahoogroups.com, "sunny_outdoors" <sunny_outdoors@...> wrote:
      > I went there last friday.. Sorry I didn't post this earlier
      > I hope it was a good experience to you...
      > My review doesn't really count if things changed a bit. A lot is my personal taste too... I had South Indian buffet many times at Udipi in South Bay
      > ==
      > Judith, I hope to receive your review soon..
      > ==
      > Lotus Chaat
      > http://www.yelp.com/biz/lotus-chaat-and-spices-san-rafael
      > review of their all veg $8.95 buffet
      > PRO
      > Fancy assortment of sauces for your meal/bread: coconut sauce, pickled plum,, (expensive variety)
      > eggplant
      > cauliflower
      > nice service the manager was good
      > almost all of the food was vegan, the only non vegan dish was the yogurt sauce
      > CON
      > not enough vegetables, I wouldn't mind inexpensive potatos
      > Too many breads,, which I don't like to eat them anyway
      > 2 of their soups, Sambar and Ramas were BLAND
      > Shocking cause usually it's usually fiery SPICY HOT
      > Lentils were bland
      > Overall I prefer more spicy food. Even if it's Southern Indian , they should have some sort of curry but there were none at the buffet
      > ==
      > Vegetarians BEG the restaurant to go veg, but then they don't come back to eat.
      > Meat eaters enter the restaurant and STOMP out as soon as they find out it's all veg.
      > When the restaurant originally opened it was all veg….then went to adding meat….
      > Now the restaurant is trying to go back to all veg again…
      > So they are trying to figure what's best. The owner has a total of 3 restaurants, one of them is more popular Lotus Cuisine of Indian on 4th St – l/2 mile away
      > ….. that restaurant the entire roofs opens up on a hot day. I plan to take my friends there just to check out the roof!
      > =======
      > This is my 4 out of 5 star YELP review , it's actually a 3 star since there were many bland dishes. I was generous giving 4 stars maybe it can stay veg. I won't be back cause this is not near my home.
      > =====
      > they are giving a 3 month trial on an all vegetarian buffet.
      > What I'm most impressed is the amount of fancy sauce you get to put in your idili and 2 other breads. If you like South Indian bread, you are in for a treat.
      > I will give 5 stars, if the entrees are more spicy. Most items were not spicy, including the two soups: Sambar and Raamas(sp)
      > My 2 favorite entrees were the califlower and eggplant.
      > The owner knows vegetables cost more than the meat. So give them a try. $8.95 for buffet... .
      > --- In SFVeg@yahoogroups.com, Judith Gottesman <judithrachelleg@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Chaat (Lotus Chaat and
      > > Spices)<http://maps.google.com/maps?q=1561+4th+St%2C+San+Rafael%2C+CA>
      > >
      > > 1561 4th St, San Rafael, CA
      > >
      > >
      > > They just became vegetarian (mostly vegan) this week and already lost a lot
      > > of money with people walking out when they found out it was all veggie. I
      > > just spoke to the owner and urged him not to give up on being a veggie
      > > establishment. Please support them and spread the word.
      > >
      > >
      > > They are no longer having the lunch buffet at Chaat, in general, but will
      > > have an all-vegan buffet just for our Marin Vegan Meet Up, Thursday, April
      > > 18th 12:30-2. We will be in the dog-friendly patio reserved for us. So join
      > > the Meet Up and RSVP! Www.meetup.com
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > --
      > > Judith Gottesman, MSW
      > > Matchmaker and Date Coach
      > > Soul Mates Unlimited®
      > > www.SoulMatesUnlimited.com
      > > 510.418.8813
      > >
    • Dr. Will Tuttle
      Hi everyone - just wanted to let you know about this event that starts tomorrow - Presented by the Sivananda Yoga Center in San Francisco This weekend –
      Message 2 of 5 , Apr 25, 2013
        Hi everyone - just wanted to let you know about this event that starts tomorrow -

        Presented by the Sivananda Yoga Center in San Francisco

        This weekend – Vegan Workshop & Retreat with Dr. Will Tuttle in San Francisco
        The World Peace Diet: Creating A New Culture of Peace
        Sivananda Yoga Center, 1200 Arguello Blvd., San Francisco – 415-681-2731
        Friday through Sunday April 26 – 28, 2013
        More info - http://www.sfyoga.com/pages/upcomingevents.shtml


        * Are you concerned about our culture's mistreatment of people, animals, and the Earth? * Do you feel called to help create a positive future for our children and the world? Do you long to untangle and understand the hidden roots of the dilemmas we face as individuals & a society? * Do you aspire to develop skills to embody, share, and teach healthy and compassionate living for service, fun, and/or your livelihood?

        It is becoming obvious that spiritual veganism is a cutting edge of engaged spirituality in our world today. Understanding how the deep structure of our culture confines us to the shallows of consciousness provides keys to authentic personal and planetary transformation. This workshop is unique in providing the vegan, spiritual, and deep cultural perspectives that effectively furnish the foundation and inspiration for lasting, positive change.

        Dr. Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet, is a pianist, composer, educator, and recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award. A former Zen monk, his Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley focused on educating intuition and altruism. He presents ongoing events promoting peace through compassion for all life. “A healthy, enthusiastic, and profoundly happy vegan since 1980, and Dharma Master in the Zen Buddhist tradition. He says "I see my mission as one of bringing the message of radical inclusion to our wounded and fragmented culture."

        Weekend Workshop
        Donation sliding scale 45-$65 full program
        ($25drop-in individual lectures)

        Session#1 Revealing the Hidden Programs
        April 26 Friday 6:00 - 8:30pm

        Goals: to reveal the hidden dimensions of our cultural programming that undermine our happiness, health, wisdom, and abundance, and to become knowledgeable about the foundation of both personal and social transformation and liberation

        Session #2: Understanding the Foundations of Health
        April 27 Saturday 1:30 - 4:30pm

        Goals: to understand the foundations of physical, psychological., and spiritual health and the interconnectedness of all dimensions of our lives with each other, and with the larger wholes in which we are embedded.

        Session#3 Awakening Our Capacities to Know and to Serve April 28 Sunday 1:00 - 3:45pm

        Goals: to awaken our capacity to serve the benevolent transformation that is rippling through our culture, and to deepen our intuitive connection with the unerring wisdom within us.

        Session#4 Living the Transformation
        Sunday Satsang April 28 6:00 - 8:00pm

        Goals: to authentically deepen our embodiment of the benevolent revolution that our future is calling forth, and to more clearly live the truth of the interconnectedness of all life, and our own life as a beautiful, creative celebration that brings unique and meaningful blessings to others and to our world.

        3-day World Peace Rejuvenation Retreat
        ($275 limited space • includes workshop)

        To go deeper into the experience and also enjoy a weekend at the Yoga Center we are offering a rejuvenation retreat. This retreat will includes: The 3-day workshop, yoga classes, meditation, 3 nights accommodation (shared room), mindfully prepared yogic vegetarian meals daily, chanting, and pujas at satsangs,. This retreat will be conducted in accord with the ashram retreat regiment with early morning meditation, yoga classes, and karma yoga. There are only 4 spots available for the retreat and limited appointment times for treatment, so apply & register soon for an amazing weekend of yoga practice, bliss, and wisdom.

        Contact Narayan Chaitanya for more details: narayan@... or call (415) 681-2731

        Full Schedule at http://www.sfyoga.com/pages/upcomingevents.shtml
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