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New Book: Changing the Game: Why the Battle for Animal Liberation Is So Hard, and How,We Can Win It by Norm Phelps, a Flashpoint ebook from Lantern Books

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  • Brook
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2013

      For Immediate Release

      Now Available from Amazon.Com, BarnesandNoble.Com

      and Other Online Booksellers!

      Norm Phelps' New Book

      on the Strategies

      of the Animal Rights Movement

      Changing the Game: Why the Battle for Animal Liberation Is So Hard, and How
      We Can Win It by Norm Phelps, a Flashpoint ebook from Lantern Books

      Read Changing the Game for a thoughtful look at some very important
      questions, including:

      . Why is animal liberation the hardest battle for social justice
      ever fought?

      . How has the political environment in America made the struggle
      even harder?

      . How should the animal rights movement relate to other social
      justice movements?

      . How should the animal rights movement respond to the rise of
      China, India, Brazil and other nations of the East and South?

      . Why is the abolition of human slavery not a valid strategic model
      for the abolition of animal slavery?

      . How do welfare reforms and other "moderate" initiatives promote

      . Why is a "two-track" strategy that includes more moderate tactics
      along with abolitionist/vegan advocacy essential to achieving liberation?

      . Why are militant direct actions that include large-scale
      vandalism, fire, or bombing a form of "suicide by cop" for the American
      animal rights movements?

      Norm Phelps' previous book, The Longest Struggle: Animal Advocacy from
      Pythagoras to PETA, has been called a definitive history of animal
      protection, and Norm has been selected to make the plenary presentation on
      the history of the American animal rights movement at AR2012 and AR2013. A
      frequent speaker at animal rights conferences, Norm is a member of the
      Institute for Critical Animal Studies (www.criticalanimalstudies.org), a
      member of Unitarian-Universalist Animal Ministry (www.uuam.org), a regular
      contributor to Dharma Voices for Animals (www.dharmavoicesforanimals.org),
      and a founding member of the Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians

      What Movement Leaders Are Saying about Changing the Game:

      "Few authors write with the high level of clarity, research, and thoughtful
      insight as Norm Phelps. This is an important book for anyone seeking to
      understand the roots of our abuse of other animals, the social movement to
      end that abuse, and specifically how that movement must wage its campaigns
      in order to prevail. If you care about creating a more humane society for
      all animals-human and nonhuman-read this book. But don't just read it: Turn
      this great knowledge into practical action and go about creating that better

      Paul Shapiro, Founder of Compassion Over Killing and Vice President of farm
      animal protection for The Humane Society of the United States.

      "Why is animal liberation 'the most difficult battle ever fought' and, more
      importantly, how can animal advocates overcome the movement's many and
      profound hurdles to win freedom for other species? With Changing the Game,
      Norm Phelps brings his considerable experience and talent to bear as he
      responds to these questions with well-crafted prose characterized not just
      by optimism but assurance. Framed by history's great social justice
      movements, this book explains why the modern animal rights movement has
      enjoyed so little progress and sets forth a clear and practical strategy for
      re-writing the rules of the game and achieving success. Beautifully written
      and cogently argued, this is essential reading for novice activists, veteran
      agitators, or anyone else who wants to see an end to humanity's unrelenting
      enslavement and slaughter of animals. I learned a great deal from Changing
      the Game, and I highly recommend it.

      Mark Hawthorne, author of Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal
      Activism and Bleating Hearts: The Hidden World of Animal Suffering

      "Changing the Game is a very valuable contribution to animal protectionism.
      It is thoughtful and it is not dogmatic, taking seriously the range of views
      on topics that have polarized the movement. In addition, its historical
      context for contemporary debates is very helpful."

      Stephen R. Kaufman, M. D., President, Christian Vegetarian Association,
      author Living by the Faith of Christ

      "At a time when a major shift to vegan diets is essential to avoid a climate
      catastrophe, major food, water, and energy scarcities, and other
      environmental disasters, Norm Phelps' brilliant book provides the tools to
      enable animal rights and vegetarian activists to break through the apathy,
      denial, and misinformation that is keeping people from making dietary
      changes. One does not need to agree with every concept in this insightful,
      very well-written book to recognize its potential to get dietary
      considerations onto society's agenda and to help move our imperiled planet
      onto a sustainable path."

      Richard H. Schwartz, President, Jewish Vegetarians of North America;
      President, Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians; author Judaism and
      Vegetarianism and Who Stole My Religion?

      For more information, visit www.lanternbooks.com. Or visit your favorite
      online bookseller.

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