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Certified Vegetarian Chefs

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  • Dixie Mahy
    CERTIFIED VEGETARIAN CHEFS From Ron Pickarski, Eco-Cuisine Inc. ... CERTIFIED VEGETARIAN CHEFS From Ron Pickarski, Eco-Cuisine Inc. I am working, as you know,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2013
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      From Ron Pickarski, Eco-Cuisine Inc.

      I am working, as  you know, to create the first vegan vegetarian Certification for Professional chefs (Certified Vegetarian Chef -CVC) that is World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS)  endorsed.  The certification curriculum will be completed within a few months, be offered on-line with practicum’s (intensive cooking sessions) to be taught by WACS Master Chefs and professional chefs in designated cooking schools.  It will eventually be launched into 32 countries by WACS.   WACS is the International Gold Standard in Culinary Education.  The manual will be self published this summer.  The focus of the certification is to teach and certify professional chefs in the core professional culinary skills of vegan cooking with Classical French and Modern American / fusion cuisines. 
      You can learn more about the ANF on its website, so graciously built by Frank Huffman and his lovely wife.  The website is www.americannaturalfoods.org.  The ANF helped fund my culinary Olympic team win multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze medals over a 20 year period.  Eco-Cuisine (www.eco-cuisine.com ) was created to bring vegan products into the foodservice marketplace and as the company is closing in on the pinnacle of its success as the first vegan foodservice company in the US, my spirit is reverting back to culinary education.  Culinary Professional’s now have access to Eco-Cuisine’s vegan products (in every Sysco and US Foodservice Distribution center in the US) along with many other great vegan products and now need to learn how to cook.  Education is the third leg of my life’s mission and starting to come full circle. 
      Take Care,
      Ron Pickarski
      Eco-Cuisine Inc.


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