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Dr. Klaper's Talk at Post Valentine Potluck

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  • Dixie Mahy
    DR. KLAPER S TALK at Post Valentine Potluck in Alameda From David Pressman, Patent Attorney & SFVS Member ... DR. KLAPER S TALK at Post Valentine Potluck in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2013
      DR. KLAPER'S TALK at Post Valentine Potluck in Alameda
      From David Pressman, Patent Attorney & SFVS Member

      Highlights of Outstanding Talk By Dr. Michael Klaper, MD, of True North Health Center At SFVS Potluck at Alameda Home of Eliz Bechtold, 2013 Feb 16       Reported By Dave Pressman
      Olive Oil and Calcium (Ca) are two of the most misunderstood subjects in nutrition.
      With respect to olive oil, many people think that if they eat a bad diet with fried greasy animal foods, lots of refined sugar, junk foods, and possibly adding booze and smoking, they can add some olive oil to their salad and have a healthy "Mediterranean diet". This misconception arose from the writings of Dr. Ancel Keys, who studied the people of Sicily and Greece after WWII and found they had used a lot of olive oil and enjoyed health benefits. But this was probably due to the fact that they ate less of ALL foods, consumed little animal foods during the war and mostly had pasta and vegetables to eat; their health was not a result of their use of olive oil. The fallacy, post hoc, ergo propter hoc (after this, therefore because of this), applies to this situation. That is, just because they used olive oil on this basically vegetarian diet, it is not logical to conclude that it was the olive oil that made their lifestyle healthy; their diet was healthy DESPITE of the olive oil. Olive oil is actually a junk food—the white sugar of the fat world--since it is high in calories and low in nutrition. It does not have an overall net health benefit: It makes the blood thicker, stiffens the arteries, and contributes to obesity. It is best to eliminate it--and ALL refined oils--totally from any diet.
      Calcium pills are also harmful because when taken in large amounts “to prevent osteoporosis,” they contribute to calcification all of the tissues of the body--the arteries, ligaments, tendons, etc.. Drinking cow’s milk is also harmful because its purpose in nature is to provide nourishment for a baby calf to put on weight. It does the same in humans! It is bad for humans because of its animal proteins, high fat content, and estrogens, all of which promote obesity, as well as breast lumps and fibroids in women, breast development in men, and worsening of asthma and other diseases. This applies to regular milk, low-fat milk, butter, and fermented milk (cheese and yogurt).
      Taking calcium and cow’s milk has been promoted as a way to prevent osteoporosis but osteoporosis is NOT due to a deficiency of calcium, but rather a deficiency of exercise, especially a lack of weight-bearing exercise. Osteoporosis is disuse atrophy of the bones. Use the bones and they get stronger; be sedentary and they begin to decompose (osteoporosis.) It is far better to wear and walk around with a weighted vest than to take calcium or drink animal milk. Humans should get their calcium from green vegetables: everyone should eat at least one serving of a green vegetable like kale, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, bok choy, and spinach every day. Adult cows never drink milk yet have strong bones due to their consumption of grass, which is high in Ca.
      Vit. D helps with absorption of calcium, as well as helping to prevent cancer and Alzheimer's dementia; everyone should get ½ hour of morning sun each day or take a vegan Vit D supplement so that their Vit. D blood level is 30 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml), but better is 50 ng/ml. (There is NO advantage to exceeding 70 ng/ml; more is NOT better in this case. ) Eating excess protein damages the kidneys and depletes the body of calcium because the body needs to draw upon its store of calcium to eliminate the excess acids generated by excessive protein, especially animal-derived protein.
      Someone asked what the best way to convince their family and friends of the value of a vegan diet without SOS (sugar, oil, and salt). Dr. K said not to try to convince anyone since it will not work. The best way is to just live and eat a healthy diet and they will notice. As Ghandi said, “Example is NOT the best way to teach; it the ONLY way to teach!”
      Someone asked if goat’s milk were less harmful than cow’s milk. The answer is no because it has all of the detrimental ingredients of cow’s milk. Cow's milk is for baby calves and goat’s milk is for baby goats. If you are not a baby cow or baby goat, do not drink the foods destined for these infant animals.
      David Pressman
      Patent Lawyer, S.F.
      Author, "Patent It Yourself" (16th ed.)
      World's Best-Selling Patent Guide
      Alt. EMail: DavidP37@...

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