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For rent: room w/huge closet in quiet, veggie remodeled flat nr hwy 24 &Berkeley

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  • trevorlevine
    Share a spacious, sunny, newly remodeled flat with one man, one woman, and two adorable cats. Our household is clean, non-smoking, shoes-free, and 99%
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2006
      Share a spacious, sunny, newly remodeled flat with one man, one
      woman, and two adorable cats. Our household is clean, non-smoking,
      shoes-free, and 99% vegetarian. The room is $585.

      We are quiet, good communicators in our 30's. We are looking to share
      with one more person (not a couple). The flat is newly remodeled and

      Refinished hardwood floors

      10' tall ceilings

      Victorian features

      Furnace that serves all rooms, so you'll never be cold in the winter

      Large yard area with potential for gardening.

      1500 square feet

      Large remodeled kitchen with stainless steel appliances, gas stove,
      granite countertop, skylights, tile floor, cherry cabinets, granite
      countertop, and a big pass-through window open to the living room.

      Kitchen is also equipped with a Vitamix, Multipure water filter,
      Cuisinart food processor, sprouter, and deyhdrator

      Remodeled bathroom with 6' tub, tile floor, glass sinktop

      Redwood deck

      Attic space for storage

      Entertainment center with HDTV, DVD player

      Easy to park on the street

      We have two cats already - no more pets please

      Your room features:

      Huge closet

      Bay windows with wood blinds

      Optional $800 queen size mattress if you need it

      The walls around your room have been filled with a special insulation
      to minimize noise

      About your new neighborhood:

      58th Street btwn MLK and Shattuck, near the Nomad Cafe

      Halfway btwn the Ashby BART and Rockridge BART stations
      17 blocks from Berkeley Bowl and Whole Foods
      7 blocks from the entrance to hwy 24

      Quiet street. Maccall is not a through street, so the only people who
      drive here are the neighbors.

      Most of the neighboring houses are owner-occupied. That means most of
      the neighbors are mature and stable people. It's not a transient

      About your new roommates:

      We usually go to bed between 11pm and midnight, and wake up between

      Maile is an aruveydic healer, quiet, respectful, charming, and cooks
      home made meals every day. She works part time as a waitress, but is
      home a lot. She has her own private bathroom, so you would only share
      a bathroom with me...

      My name is Trevor and I'm a songwriter and ad copywriter. I'm also
      the home owner, and am overseeing new landscaping and exterior
      renovations. I work at home, but am out of town usually one week
      every month.

      When I'm home working, I need a pretty quiet space, at least up until
      7pm on weekdays. However, I am not bothered by music at a low level.
      I often play piano in the evenings. My songs are reminiscent of Billy
      Joel, but more theatrical.

      My office assistant has an office that's detached from our house, but
      she comes in to use the bathroom and have short meetings with me (in
      my room) on weekdays up until 7pm.

      A house cleaner comes once a month to clean the common rooms. Your
      share will depend on how much you use the common rooms, and whether
      you want your room cleaned. You could either chip in towards the
      house cleaner, or do some cleaning yourself.

      Other utilities are: PG&E, water, Comcast (if you watch TV), DSL (if
      you want web access). In the winter, you can reduce your share of the
      heating bill by lowering the amount of heat blown into your room by
      the furnace.

      What we're looking for in a housemate:
      ---------------------------------------- --------------

      You're mindful about closing doors and cabinet doors gently and
      quietly (not slamming them). If you get home late or leave early
      while one of us is still sleeping, you'll be as considerate as we are
      in the same situation.

      You have a 9-5 job (this is preferred but not required)

      You wash your dishes right after using them

      If something is bothering you, you'll approach us to work out a
      solution (i.e. we don't want someone who's passive aggressive)

      Because we are both into making home made meals, it would be easiest
      to live with someone who eats out a lot. (There isn't too much fridge
      space left for someone who stores a lot of perishable food at home.)

      We'd most like to live with a health-conscious vegetarian. However,
      if you're a carnivore and we decide to live together, we'll ask that
      you order take-out food when you want flesh foods. If you want to
      *occasionally* cook fish/meat, we're open to that. But there's no
      hood above the stove, and we don't want the house to smell like meat
      (or have grease build up in the kitchen) on a regular basis.

      Maile rents movies from time to time, but rarely watches TV. I
      disconnected our TV service for the summer. Come September, I will
      again be addicted to certain TV dramas (like 24, Lost, and Prison
      Break), but we don't like living with a TV that's on for hours every

      If you watch moderate TV, or none at all, that's cool. However, if
      you have it on for hours every day, we'll ask you to keep it in your
      bedroom (and not excessively loud).
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