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top ten movies with animals, great suggestions for movie parties

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    http://www.epinions.com/content_4747927684 Top Ten Movies Starring Animals...Or Almost! May 19 06 The Bottom Line Fun and entertaining movies for the entire
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      Top Ten Movies Starring Animals...Or Almost!
      May 19 '06

      The Bottom Line Fun and entertaining movies for the entire family!

      We all love animals and sometimes the animal(s) are the subject or
      thus the star of the movie. I thought I'd do something a little
      different and present a list of Top Ten Favorite Animal Flicks. These
      are all G rated (if rated) and great movies to entertain the kids
      over the summer. Oh, one more thing, they are not in any particular
      order. Hope you enjoy!


      A young girl who was abandoned by her mother at age 3 lives with her
      father who is an evangelist. He gets a new job and they move to
      Florida where she sets out to make new friends. Most of the kids are
      snobby and she just doesn't fit in very well. While running an errand
      to the local Winn Dixie Supermarket, she encounters a stray dog who
      had stormed through the store knocking down displays and causing
      havoc. She adopts him on the spot and names him Winn Dixie. The story
      is captivating and also has a few morals to the story. Lots of
      laughter and entertainment from this 2005 film. Good for all ages!

      Starring: Anna Sophia Robb, Jeff Daniels, and Cicely Tyson.


      Paulie debuted on the big screen in 1988. It is a great family film
      and kids of all ages will fall in love with Paulie, the Blue Crown
      Parrot. Paulie, is given to a little girl who has a speech problem.
      She falls in love with the beautiful creature who she discovers can
      talk. Paulie helps the child learn to speak without stuttering
      overtime but is taken away when her father decides the child is
      having a problem with reality vs. fantasy.

      Starring: Gena Rowlands as Ivy, Tony Shalhoub as Misha Vilyenkov,
      Cheech Marin as Ignacio, and Bruce Davison as Dr. Reingold.

      AIR BUD

      This movie was a popular hit in 1997. It told the story of a 12 year
      old boy (Josh) who has recently lost his father. The family moves to
      a new town and he is faced with making new friends and going to a new
      school. He loves to play basketball and discovers a runaway dog, a
      golden retriever, Buddy. Buddy begins to show off his skills on the
      court and the two become close buds. Josh decides to try out for the
      school team and makes it. Buddy becomes the team mascot until his
      previous owner gets wind of his stardom.

      Starring: Michael Jeter, Kevin Zegers, Wendy Makkena, Bill Cobbs, and
      Eric Christmas.


      This 1957 classic is a favorite among young and old. It's a
      heartwarming tale of the Coates' family. When Dad leaves on a cattle
      drive, he leaves his oldest son, Travis in charge to care for the
      family. A dog suddenly appears and adopts the family. Travis' love
      for the dog grows each day and he develops a special relationship
      with Ol' Yeller as he has come to be named. **Warning: Due to the
      sensitive nature (ending) do not let young children watch this one

      Starring: Dorothy McGuire, Fess Parker, Jeff York, Chuck Conners,
      Tommy Kirk, and Kevin Corcoran.


      This is another oldie but goodie! It is a 1947 classic set in post
      Civil War time. It is the story of a Rebel soldier who takes his
      family (wife and son) to Florida to start a new life farming. They
      have lost the other children and the wife is having a hard time
      dealing with this and very distant. The son wanting a pet badly was
      heartbroken when his mom wouldn't give in to this. However, his dad
      was struck by a rattlesnake, killed a deer to use the organs to pull
      out the poison from the snakebite. The deer just happened to be a doe
      with a fawn who quickly becomes the new pet. A strong attachment and
      bond is formed which makes for a tough decision when the fawn grows
      up and starts to be a nuisance in the fields eating and trampling the

      Starring: Gregory Peck, Jane Wyman, Claude Jarman, Jr., Chill Wills,
      and Clem Bevans.


      This is a 1993 movie set in the high country mountains in Australia.
      There are wild stallions running wild here, and knows as "brumbies"
      in Aussieland. This movie is exciting and has outstanding and
      gorgeous scenery. If you are a horselover, you will love this movie.
      The plot takes you back and forth from a mother's writing which she
      translates into a story to tell her daughter, Indi, on a stormy
      night. It is about a beautiful silver stallion who births an
      exceptional cream colored foal with a silver mane and tail.
      Enter "The Man" who wants to capture the gorgeous silver stallion and
      a war begins between man and stallion. The plot takes you back and
      forth between the real lives and this continuing story of the silver

      Starring: Russell Crowe (The Man), Caroline Goodall, Amiel Daemion,
      and Johnny Raaen.


      Who could forget the huge St. Bernard, Beethoven, in 1992? The
      Newton's decide they have something missing in their lives and fill
      the void with a new a puppy. He is named Beethoven and quickly grows
      up, into a huge St. Bernard. He is loved by all in the family but Dad
      is not yet totally won over. Beethoven's vet is not a man of good
      character and wants to use Beethoven in his "experiments". Will he be

      Starring: Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt, Dean Jones, Nicholle Tom,
      Christopher Castile and Sarah Rose Karr.


      Cute 1989 adventure film of Milo the curious cat, who gets in a box
      and floats down the creek and Milo, the adorable pug who follows
      along on shore. They are separated and begin the long search to find
      the other once again. Lots of excitement and beautiful scenery.

      Narrated by: Dudley Moore


      Another classic from 1945. Story about a war orphaned boy who is sent
      to live in a mission in California. An escaped dog, Rin Tin Tin shows
      up and becomes friendly with the boy, drawing him out of seclusion
      and depression. Then, the dog's owners come on the scene....the boy
      and dog manage to stay together and become friends for life.

      Starring: Robert Blake, Donald Woods, Steve Pendleton and Rin Tin Tin


      1951 marked the year of Lassie's last movies, The Painted Hills.
      Beautiful mountain scenery mixed with adventure makes this an
      entertaining film. Jonathan finally hits the jackpot and strikes
      gold. He finds that his partner has died and left his son, Tommy all
      alone. He leaves Shep, (Lassie) with Tommy to keep him company.
      Meanwhile, he finds a new partner, Lin who turns out to be greedy and
      wants all the gold for himself. He plots to kill Jonathon and Shep.
      However, Shep pulls through and gets his revenge. This one may be a
      bit intense for smaller children.

      Starring: Paul Kelly, Bruce Cowling, Gary Gray and Art Smith.

      I hope you enjoyed reading my list of favorites and this helps to
      entertain the kido's over the summer break.
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