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VIDEO: 4 Questions Voters Should Ask About Prop 37

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  • Dixie Mahy
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2012
      Subject: VIDEO: 4 Questions Voters Should Ask About Prop 37

      From: Zack Kaldveer <info@...>

      Hi Dixie Mahy,

      I did an interview for a documentary film about genetically engineered foods this week and the director immediately cut a 2 min. segment and put it up on YouTube.

      I'm sharing this with you because I think it makes a great case for us to promote to undecided voters.

      View and share my video here: 4 Questions Voters Should Ask About Prop 37

      Thank you!

      Zack Kaldveer 


      Paid for by Yes on 37 For Your Right to Know if Your Food Has Been Genetically Engineered - Supported by Consumer Advocates Makers of Organic Products and California Farmers, Major funding by Mercola Health Resources LLC and Organic Consumers Fund. 5940 College Ave, Suite F , Oakland, CA 94618, United States

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