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Tri-Valley Potluck

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  • Dixie Mahy
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 3, 2012

      Come hear two great presentations by two leaders in the Bay Area Wellness Community (Details & Bios below) and also learn how to make a quick and easy Holiday Nog with an engaging food demo by Chef Lisa (Details & Bio below). In addition to a delicious potluck of vegan food (cooked and raw), Chef Lisa will prepare & provide her Apple Tartlets  topped with Cashew Cream for dessert as well as Savory Seitan Wellington, Mushroom Gravy, Roasted Root Vegetables, Chestnut Apple Stuffing, Pomegranate Kale Salad, Cranberry Apple Orange Mint Relish, Squash Hummus, assorted Krackers and more! 
      Nick Sabharwal presents: "The Healing Powers of Tea and Meditation" 
           BONUS:  FREE Chai & Wellness tea Samples

      Event Location and Details 
      Saturday, November 10, 2012
      1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
      San Ramon Library
      100 Montgomery Street
      San Ramon, CA 94583 
      Potluck Guidelines: Each person is to bring a Vegetarian (plant-based and non-dairy items are greatly preferred) or Raw/Living Foods appetizer, entree or dessert to feed 5 persons. There is a suggested donation of $8.00 per person help cover the costs of rent, beverages and utensils. If you do not wish to bring a dish, the suggested total donation is $15.00 per person to help cover the cost of the catered food. Children are welcome and eat for free. 
      To RSVP or receive more information: Please call 925-989-1811 or email Lisa Books-Williams: <lisabooksw@...>

      Chef Lisa Books-Williams' Food Preparation Demonstration:  Easy Holiday Nog
      Lisa's Bio: Lisa is an award-winning raw food chef and a certified Green Chef instructor and caterer through Greenivore. Lisa enjoys promoting the concept of "joyful eating" and has been conducting living foods preparation and vegan cooking classes through her company Holistic Therapeutic Care in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past eight years. 
      Lisa also founded the Tri-Valley Vegetarian Society and hosts monthly potlucks and events. Lisa has presented at Wellness Central, SFLiFE, the Raw Health Expo and World Veg Day to name a few and catered the Raw Dinner there in 2010 and 2011. Additionally, Lisa is a nationally Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and has brought therapeutic vegan cooking classes and raw/"live" food preparation classes to persons with disabilities in institutionalized care and at-risk youth. Feel free to email Lisa for more information about her and Thrive Holistic.

      Nick's Bio: Nick and his wife, Paula, are the owners of Bombay Nick’s Chai Bar in Livermore and the creators of the Cardamom & Curry brand of wellness teas.  Their teas are 100% Natural and organic and they DO NOT use any kind of questionable ingredients. No added sugars, powders, preservatives, fillers, artificial colors or flavors.
      It truly is his endeavor to bring in an authentic way, a sense of balance in our modern life which increasingly is becoming more and more difficult for the common folk to afford, let alone exist.  Eastern philosophies have deeply influenced his spiritual calling and Nick has integrated every aspect of divinity into his lifestyle, to the best of his abilities.  In his passion for the healing arts, it is his endeavor to welcome people from all walks of life, individuals of different religious faith and traditions, all cooperating and co-existing together towards attainment of their higher spiritual selves. In Meditation we discover our purpose is to give place to the most profound and subtle utterances about the nature of ultimate reality, that is in itself a liberal education in humility, tolerance and suspense of judgment.
      Nick is in absolute agreement that a regular Meditational practice is terrific for mental as well as physical well-being. Meditation is a personal practice that when practiced correctly has positive effects, not only on one's very own self but on the whole of humanity. Finding a teacher to guide and instruct is an essential component of the Path, as is being surrounded by a sangha (community) to help motivate and encourage each of us along the way. The practice of Meditation when done as a prayer for God, is in his opinion the most profound way to keep our minds focused on our practices and to stay motivated so we can continue to grow and evolve as spiritual beings.  In his own unique way, Nick seeks to impart the value of Neutrality in evolving to our true spiritual evolution. When we can be completely satisfied with exactly what we have and who we are at any given moment then we are starting to walk along the path of santosh (contentment), and that is truly, the sign of real progress. We will be happy to practice less with more awareness, instead of more with less satisfaction.  www.BombayNicksChaiBar.com 

      Dr. Archana Rao presents:  “Introduction to Ayurveda”
      Archana's Bio:   Archana is a graduate from the esteemed, premier league, Gujarat University at Jamnagar, India, Dr. Rao has traveled both far and wide in her quest to spread the principles of Ayurveda and pursue a philosophy of continuous study of natural, organic healing methods and techniques. This mindset of constant learning is the backbone of her approach as an Ayurvedic healer. 
      Following the completion of her B.A.M.S. course in India, she traveled and practiced Ayurveda as a primary resident doctor for the Ayurvedic Company of Great Britain, incorporating a significant spell as a senior practitioner at the Ayurvedic Charitable Hospital in West London, UK. During this phase in Europe, Archana also taught Ayurveda as a part of the BSc Degree program in Ayurveda at Thames Valley University in London. Most recently, Archana was head practitioner at Safronya Retreat & Spa in San Rafael, CA. Her role as a practitioner extended into additional services such as lecturing on healthy living and teaching Ayurvedic cooking with real time demonstrations. Having professionally practiced Ayurveda for more than 13 years (between India, Europe and North America), Archana has produced an extensive list of satisfied clients from all walks of life. 
      It is Archana’s passion and belief in the science of life (Ayurveda) that transpires in the 
      relationships she shares with her clients and those she meets. Archana shares her knowledge graciously and has a kind, devoted nature about her. She is positive, cheerful and always strives to help others unreservedly. She is high spirited, meticulous and truly looks forward to helping you alleviate your ailments or reach that balanced lifestyle you envision. Her website is www.ayutherapy.com 

      About the Tri-Valley Vegetarian Society 
      The Tri-Valley Vegetarian Society is an organization where Tri-Valley residents (Danville, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Dublin & Livermore) can come together and share delicious plant-based foods, learn new information, and offer encouragement and support for the vegetarian lifestyle. Participation is open to anyone and everyone practicing vegetarianism, veganism and/or a "Living Foods (Raw)" diet. Non-vegetarian family members and the "veg-curious" are also welcome to participate! 

      The goal of the Tri-Valley Vegetarian Society is to spread the word about vegetarianism and help empower people to make informed food choices that promote health and well-being, while lessening their environmental footprint and practicing compassion. Tri-Valley Vegetarian Society events are co-sponsored by the San Francisco Vegetarian Society. Please contact Lisa Williams if you are interested in volunteering and/or participating at a future event. 

      Dixie Mahy


      San Francisco Vegetarian Society

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