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"Bitter Seeds" movie is now online for free or watch on TV this Sat

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  • sunny outdoors
    RT @pdjmoo: VIP WATCH BITTER SEEDS  http://t.co/aKTLjoSl The Human Face of #Monsanto s #GMO Supply Chain & Indian Farmer Suicides #csr... AN IMPORTANT
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2012
      RT @pdjmoo: VIP WATCH "BITTER SEEDS" http://t.co/aKTLjoSl The Human Face of #Monsanto's #GMO Supply Chain & Indian Farmer Suicides #csr...
      A MUST WATCH DOCUMENTARY "BITTER SEEDS" - 2012 Award Winning Film - Filmed in India http://teddybearfilms.com/   Story at-a-glance Over the past 16 years, a quarter-million of India's farmers have been driven to suicide by Monsanto's false promises and ruthless global monopolization tactics. It's es…

      From: sunny outdoors <sunny_outdoors@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 10:06 AM
      Subject: "Bitter Seeds" movie on KQED Sat, Nov 3 6pm

      do you know what KQED world is ??   showing this documenary on November 6
      find out why 250,000 farmers committed suicide..

      it's all because of Monsanto cotton seeds

      pls record this for a friend...

      and have them watch the truth before nov 6

      if you care about farmers, India, just people and life in general... watch this documentary

      I'm amazed it has gone so far..

      sign, Sunny
      Vote yes on 37, "LABEL GMOS" , don't let Monsanto bully us anymore.
      We have the freedom to know what we are buying.

      farm fishing is bad in many ways
      and there's not enough wild salmon to go around....

      VOTE YES ON PROP 37!

      Liz Kroboth, San Francisco Regional Co-Coordinator
      Frank Plughoff, San Francisco Regional Co-Coordinator
      Ben Pittenger, Email Communications
      Label GMOs: Its Our Right To Know - An Initiative For The 2012 CA Ballot

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