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OPPOSITION to Prop 37 Gaining

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  • Dixie Mahy
    OPPOSITION to Prop 37 Gaining ... OPPOSITION to Prop 37 Gaining From: Rachel Pachivas- Label GMOs To: Liz Kroboth Label GMOs, SF
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2012
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      OPPOSITION to Prop 37 Gaining

      From: Rachel Pachivas- Label GMOs <rachel@...>
      To: "Liz Kroboth Label GMOs, SF" <labelgmossf@...>
      Subject: We are down in points... and need your HELP!!!

      Hello everyone, 

      Have you seen the opposition's ads? Have you seen their lies? Have you seen that they just added $5 million more to their big push to stop labeling? It's now up to nearly $41 million!!! Have you even seen the new story that WE ARE A LIE? - That's right... that Pamm Larry did not start this and she is just some woman who came on board afterwards. WOW! I would almost believe it if I were absolutely clueless about the reality that we are all in. Have you sen the latest polls? They have managed to confuse more people and bring our points down.

      But the truth to all of this is that some people have no idea what to believe. They are genuinely confused. The lies are so great that our numbers went down and we are going neck and neck with these big 6 chemical/ pesticide companies and the junk food companies!!! 

      With all that being said, we need YOUR help. I'm not just saying this either guys. Time is running out and we have to get out their and talk to people. We have 10 days left to really get out on the streets and talk to EVERYONE.

      I know that a LOT of you that I am emailing right now worked your little booties off during the beginning months of this and have been busy ever since. But wouldn't it be so sad to see all of that work go in vain? Now is the time we need you to get back in it.

      If we lose, will you be able to say you did everything you could? 
      Or will you be one of those who stood on sidelines as American citizens continue to be used as lab rats and our environment grows more and more toxic?
      We cannot afford to lose. PLEASE help us. Don’t let this amazing opportunity for change slip through our fingers. 

      I don't mean to be harsh... but I just don't want any of you looking back and regretting not being involved during these last days of this historic campaign that could quite possibly change the history of our food supply!!!
      We can do this!!! We will do this!!! With everyone pulling together in these last 10 days, we have it just in our reach for a win on November 6th.

      Please, if you have just a few hours over the next two weeks, please please please, get in touch with either myself or Liz to volunteer. 
      If you have any questions about what the opposition is saying and if you need things answered to feel 100% comfortable rebutting these lies, contact me and I will be happy to tell you everything you need to know.

      Things for you to do:
      • VOLUNTEER for anything you can by contacting us.
      • Phone bank 
      • Email all of your friends and family this email. Please ask them to get involved in any way they could.
      • Donate. We need to raise $2 million more to put our ads out there. Please help out yourself, or get your friends to help and donate.
      • Go DOOR to DOOR and talk to people about the TRUTH. If you need a partner, ask us!
      Thank you so much!!!
      With so much love, 
      Vote YES On Proposition #37   For Labeling Genetically Engineered Foods!
      Rachel Pachivas

      Northern California Field Coordinator
      Label GMOs: The California Right to Know. A 2012 ballot initiative campaign.

      P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

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