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Animal Rights/Veg Perspective on KQED

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  • Colleen A. Patrick-Goudreau/Compassionat
    Hi everyone, Tune into KQED (88.5 in the bay area) Thursday 5/17 to listen to my audio essay on KQED s show called Perspectives. It will air after local
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2006
      Hi everyone,

      Tune into KQED (88.5 in the bay area) Thursday 5/17 to listen to my audio essay on KQED's show called Perspectives. It will air after local newscasts at 6:07 a.m. and 7:37 a.m. and will repeat at 11:33 p.m. And it will rebroadcast on Saturday and Sunday at 7:37 a.m. and 8:37 a.m.

      The topic is "Selective Compassion," addressing the myth that animal activists care only about non-human animals and don't care about humans. Please encourage non-veg/non-animal people to tune in. You can read the written version here http://www.compassionatecooks.com/articles.htm, but it would be great if you could listen and let KQED know you appreciate having a veg voice on the air!

      WHO TO WRITE TO: Mark Trautwein, the producer of Perspectives, is open to my being the vegan/animal rights voice on his show, and this is the 3rd Perspective I've had aired. BUT, he asked me not to ask people to write to him, since it just creates more work for him and because he's already committed to accepting my pieces. HOWEVER, I would encourage people to write to the station itself and tell them that it's wonderful they've aired a veg-friendly/animal-friendly voice on PERSPETIVES etc., etc.; we want other KQED shows to do the same thing, so I think it will be effective if we used this tactic instead. In fact, it wouldn't hurt to urge them to have Michael Krasny/FORUM to have a show on animal activists in the bay area. I've been trying to get Michael to do this for years, to no avail.

      Here are some email addresses and numbers at KQED: (Please don't contact them until after the show airs tomorrow!) :)

      Office of the President:
      email: pres@...

      Listener Services:
      email: fm@...
      tel: (415) 553-2129

      email: forum@...

      Thanks everyone!

      For the animals,
      "Be Kind to Animals...Don't Eat Them."

      Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
      Founder & Director
      Compassionate Cooks
      P.O. Box 18512
      Oakland, CA 94619
      510.531.COOK (2665)

      Compassionate Cooks is dedicated to empowering people to make informed food choices and to debunking myths about vegetarianism through cooking classes, nutrition workshops, farm animal sanctuary tours, and cooking DVDs.
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