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  • Dixie Mahy
    NEW STUDY: Massive Tumors & Organ Failure in GMO Tests ... NEW STUDY: Massive Tumors & Organ Failure in GMO Tests From: California Right to Know
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 21, 2012
      NEW STUDY: Massive Tumors & Organ Failure in GMO Tests
      From: California Right to Know <info@...>

      Subject: New Study: Massive Tumors and Organ Failure in GMO-fed Test Subjects

      Dixie Mahy,

      GMO_Test_Subjects.pngAn alarming new study released today shows that a variety of corn engineered by Monsanto has been linked to mammary tumors, kidney and liver damage and other serious illnesses in the first ever peer-reviewed, long-term animal study of GMO foods.

      As a result of the massive breast tumors, liver and kidney damage, it was concluded that around 50% of the males and 70% of the female test subjects died prematurely, compared with only 30% and 20% in the control group. By two years of age, at the end of their lives, the scientists also found that 50 to 80% of female rats had tumors, compared to only 30% of those eating non-GM food

      Unfortunately, Monsanto and other GMO and agrichemical companies will do their best to prevent the public’s Right to Know about these potentially dangerous products in the food supply. In fact, Monsanto has just dumped another $2.9 million, for a total of $7.1 million, into the fight to prevent you from having the basic Right to Know what’s in your food.

      Can you chip in $15 or more today to help us pass the nation’s first mandatory GMO labeling law so consumers can have the right to know if they are eating genetically engineered foods?

      This alarming new study raises many questions, and one of the central questions is: Why is this the first long-term health study of GMO food that has been on the American market for over 15 years?

      What this study proves is that more research on GMOs is urgently needed. It also makes it clear that until those studies are conducted, consumers like you should at the very least have the right to know which foods contain GMOs and which ones don't - so you can make healthy choices.

      Please help us spread the word about this important new study. Forward this email to your friends and family, share it on your social media networks, and pitch in as much you can today to help us get the word out.

      Thank you,

      The Yes on Prop 37 Team

    • Dixie Mahy
      NEW STUDY on LONGEVITY from Robert Martin
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 12, 2013
        from Robert Martin

        Subject: Fw: Want to live longer and also avoid cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, etc.....?

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