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Wellness is awesome!

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  • Aumatma
    Hi community! I know a lot of people have been traveling thru this summer so, for those of you that have traveled far and wide are just arriving back, welcome
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2012
      Hi community! 

      I know a lot of people have been traveling thru this summer so, for those of you that have traveled far and wide are just arriving back, welcome back. 

      I invite you to this upcoming event around well-care in our community. We are the ones we've been waiting for! The current healthcare system is falling apart. In the meantime, people are getting sicker and sicker and our systems are designed to keep people sick. So, if anything is going to change, it will have to happen from the grassroots. This event is the beginnings of that possibility. A few of us practitioners got together to discuss what a well-care system would look like if our communities created it. How would practitioners collaborate (rather than compete)? What would the financial models be? What is possible when our community comes together for a purpose in mind? Well, anything is possible in the container we call community!! So, we invite you to come and participate in this co-visioning, co-creation.

      Next sunday: Sept 9th, 4-7pm. 
      Where: Finnish Hall, 1920 Chestnut St., Berkeley.

      The Holistic Health Event of the Summer!

      In what ways could you increase your energy and vitality in everyday life, and what ripple out effects would that have in your life and work?

      What would a well-care system that actually met your needs look like?

      What is stopping you from living at your highest potential of wellness?

      What systems and structures would truly facilitate an integrative community-based approach to health care?

      ::THE VISION::

      On September 9th, come together to explore these ideas and more in an interactive, experiential community salon event in Berkeley. This event is targeted towards both practitioners and 'laypeople' alike, so that together we can engage in a rich dialogue interweaving diverse perspectives from different viewpoints from the health care setting. 

      The goals of this event are:
      1. Personal: To empower folks with new tools they can plug into their everyday lives to increase their energy and vitality, and for attendees to leave with a sense of how these diverse healing modalities fit together in the overall wellness landscape of preventative health care and self-care

      2. Systemic: To come together as community to envision new systems and structures that would facilitate greater wellness for more people, and for practitioners in attendence to be able to glean some wisdom from this dialogue as to how they may be able to make their practice more effective or connected

      * Learn how to optimize and sustain your energy levels
      * Get a taste of 7 holistic healing modalities
      * Seed an action plan to increase your vitality and effectiveness
      * Meet practitioners, connect with allies

      * Learn how to better serve your clients
      * Connect with Community
      * Energize your healing practice
      * Create a referral network of holistic practitioners with a structure that works

      ::THE AGENDA::

      * Informal networking and opportunities to connect with community and share wellness gifts and resources via "Gifts & Needs" name tags

      * Lectures and Demos by these Holistic Practitioners and more:
      Sheila Dobee, DDS - Holistic Dentist
      Lori Goldman, MFT - Psychotherapist
      Aumatma Shah, ND - Naturopathic Doctor
      Laurent Colvin, DC - Chiropractor
      Michael Bedar, MA - Live-Food Nutrition
      Regina Gelfo, BA - Certified Yoga Instructor & Sound Healer

      * World Cafe Community Small Group Discussion
      We will explore open ended questions about creating a well-care system that works. Learn more about World Cafe format here:

      * Massage, sound healing, and somatic breaks will be integrated into the format!

      Register now at www.WellnessIsAwesome.com
      Only $8 advance, $12/door

      Sept 9, 2012, 4-7pm
      Finnish Brotherhood Hall, Berkeley

      Evolver Bay Area
      ShaktiCura Lounge
      Epic Self
      The SF Organic, Natural Health, & Raw Food Meetup
      SF Holistic Health Meetup
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